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Sonderp's Custom Cards. (mostly just Classes and Legendaries)

Here's a little class idea I've come up with thanks to my roots as a Scandiwegian nerd. I've tried to make the class Season 4 friendly, so the first 6 cards would be compressed into the season 4 class, while the latter 6 cards fit better in generic decks. The class is pretty big on movement and has some potential good damage. Goro or especially Anal works pretty great with this class... maybe a bit too great with Anal? But I don't really care. I think I worded it in such a way that GMs can rule it so that Anal doesn't get to deal 100 damage with regular actions
custom card
1. custom card Just a cheap weapon that works nicely with the passive and one of the generic abilities. 
2. custom card Basically the only big unique thing for this class I could think of. I thought of making it sort of like the EMG where they cast a spell while moving, but I'm done touching that weapon for now. So this is just a cool passive that gives a bunch of movement depending on how many weapons you have. It specifies equipped, so if you have an anal character, you'd have to think of a pretty good explanation as to why you can get the effect of that many weapons.
3. custom card And of course, with a bunch of spaces to move, you have a lot of momentum to transform into pain.
4. custom card Group-wide buff for the party that also helps you specifically with Ski Crash
5. custom card It's not directly stated that this makes a Goro deal quadruple damage if they have 4 weapons, but that's how any GM worth their salt should rule it IMO.
6. custom card The Big hit ability for the class, assuming it's used with Ski Crash
7. custom card Buff that also heals, so a pretty generic spell that fits well enough with the class to be put with it in Season 3 rules.
8. custom card You want a snowball spell? Here's a snowball spell. It sounds like Cold Shoulder, so it's sort of a pun on that, I guess. Except it has nothing to do with cold shoulders.
9. custom card "Teleport" spell for the class, for lack of a better word. Lets you circumvent rough terrain, which is usually the big boon to the class in Season 3.
10. custom card I was gonna make this a class specific ability for season 4 rules, but it's just throwing a shard of ice that shatters into blinding dust or freezes the target.
11. custom card Roleplay spell that's pretty high risk with low reward.
12. custom card One-time use self-heal for season 4 rules. It should probably be made a consumable once it becomes less class-specific, since it doesn't make much sense that it comes back every combat. But IDK, maybe a class consumable could become a thing?

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!
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