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Sonderp's Custom Cards

Here's a little class idea I've come up with thanks to my roots as a Scandiwegian nerd. I've tried to make the class Season 4 friendly, so the first 6 cards would be compressed into the season 4 class, while the latter 6 cards fit better in generic decks. The class is pretty big on movement and has some potential good damage. Goro or especially Anal works pretty great with this class... maybe a bit too great with Anal? But I don't really care. I think I worded it in such a way that GMs can rule it so that Anal doesn't get to deal 100 damage with regular actions
custom card
1. custom card Just a cheap weapon that works nicely with the passive and one of the generic abilities. 
2. custom card Basically the only big unique thing for this class I could think of. I thought of making it sort of like the EMG where they cast a spell while moving, but I'm done touching that weapon for now. So this is just a cool passive that gives a bunch of movement depending on how many weapons you have. It specifies equipped, so if you have an anal character, you'd have to think of a pretty good explanation as to why you can get the effect of that many weapons.
3. custom card And of course, with a bunch of spaces to move, you have a lot of momentum to transform into pain.
4. custom card Group-wide buff for the party that also helps you specifically with Ski Crash
5. custom card It's not directly stated that this makes a Goro deal quadruple damage if they have 4 weapons, but that's how any GM worth their salt should rule it IMO.
6. custom card The Big hit ability for the class, assuming it's used with Ski Crash
7. custom card Buff that also heals, so a pretty generic spell that fits well enough with the class to be put with it in Season 3 rules.
8. custom card You want a snowball spell? Here's a snowball spell. It sounds like Cold Shoulder, so it's sort of a pun on that, I guess. Except it has nothing to do with cold shoulders.
9. custom card "Teleport" spell for the class, for lack of a better word. Lets you circumvent rough terrain, which is usually the big boon to the class in Season 3.
10. custom card I was gonna make this a class specific ability for season 4 rules, but it's just throwing a shard of ice that shatters into blinding dust or freezes the target.
11. custom card Roleplay spell that's pretty high risk with low reward.
12. custom card One-time use self-heal for season 4 rules. It should probably be made a consumable once it becomes less class-specific, since it doesn't make much sense that it comes back every combat. But IDK, maybe a class consumable could become a thing?

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!


  • I made some meta dice legendaries
    custom card
    custom card

    And a race I've made:
    custom card
    Some time after the birth of magic, but before Valrugna went into hiding, she wanted to make a creature that would be powerful enough to surpass even herself. Of course, she had made whelplings that would eventually grow into divine dragons, but they all lacked something. Running out of ideas, Valrugna decided to make a humanoid race that would be weaker than most average elves in hope that they would learn something important that she had yet to understand. She named this new race of people the Flei. They are currently a endangered humanoid race, there's less than a thousand of them left and there's no set country, city or even village where a big number of them are gathered. At best, there's a tiny village where 40% of the population are Flei.

    Their appearance somewhat resembles that of an Elf that's shorter than normal elves, but taller than dwarfs and their body temperature is quite warmer than that of other races. Each Flei have unique patterns of black spots or stripes somewhere on their body. Most, but not all of them have one on their face. Because of their higher body temperature, they also need to eat more food to keep up the energy.

    No real interesting mechanics with the race. In fact, it's just an objectively worse version of Elf, since it's less gold and stamina while only getting 3 fire spells, as opposed to Elves, who get 4 spells of any 2 elements. Like an elf could just go for 4 fire spells or 3 fire spells and one of another element. I sort of just wanted to make an original race and write lore for it.
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    New Class idea of mine: Arcane Artist
    custom card

    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card

    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card

    As always, the first 6 cards are what I would pick for the Season 4 update, while the rest are for the generic/roleplay spell/item decks

    Format testing: Name

  • I have great nostalgia for the 90's Moomin cartoon/anime/whatever, so I got inspired to make a URealms race based off it when Miguli linked a video of it on Six's discord.

  • Alright, I think I've made what's either my best class or my worst class yet. Introducing... the Thighter. a close combat class that focuses on using its legs to deal damage. I've only made this class for Season 4, so hopefully, it won't take too long before we can test it out.

    I realize that some of the beauty of URealms is that Basic Attacks are so generic that you could always just say that your character is a kicker, even if it's a warrior, but I feel I've made this class' abilities feel different enough.

    A lot of the cards are very wordy, but I feel like the mechanics sound so fun, I feel like it's justified, if not necessary (though there's probably a lot of ways my writing could be improved).

    Never Skipped Leg day:

    The big buff to the class passive the class almost needs to deal damage. I know it probably makes sense for the class to only deal 15 damage with unarmed Basic attacks, but I don't want to discount the idea of the character kicking projectiles at targets.
    Fierce Jump Kick:

    What fighter class doesn't want an ability they can use instead of basic attacks? Well, here's that for this class. Of course, it's inspired by the move High Jump Kick from Pokemon. A strong move that screws you over if you miss. A beauty of this ability is that there's plenty of reasons to use it, but it doesn't completely remove the reason to use a regular basic attack or other weaker abilities.
    Top Spin:

    This is a weird one, I'd like to call it the crowd control ability for it, but there are a lot of different uses for it. It constantly builds up damage to the point where you'll easily be dealing 150 damage after 5 rounds, but you're probably not hitting anything. So you and your allies will probably have to find a way to either keep the enemies within range or move you around without interrupting the spin to fully utilize the massive amount of damage.
    Max Jump:

    I had a lot of fun writing this ability. Basically it's this class' version of a combo move. You can stomp as many times on one target as possible, continually racking up damage. I know a Fierce Jump Kick deals more damage than one hit from Max Jump, assuming you have the class passive, but I decided to make it 50 damage because that's gonna be even easier to calculate on the spot, and by not referring to Max jump as a basic attack, it's not gonna be affected by Emerald of Persistence or such. So you can technically use this infinitely, you can even just jump up and down on the same target, but the more times you spring board between targets, the higher the risk is that you take more damage. I would encourage you to finish off a Max Jump chain with a different ability, like a fierce jump kick, if you don't want to Max Jump until you low roll.
    Show off:

    Sort of a role play ability, but it works well with the card below and I feel it's very fitting with the class, so I wouldn't call it a basic ability.
    Lock Choke:

    Another ability I had quite a lot of fun writing. Forcing a brutal death roll sounds powerful, but most bosses are probably immune to charm or stun, so it's not gonna insta-kill the final boss unless they roll a 1 or such... or maybe you did roll a 20 on Show off earlier, absolutely mesmerizing the big bad Porc, and thus are able to just snap their neck with your legs.

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    Here's a Legendary I've thought about putting in a campaign. The gold cost is pretty much irrelevant and imprecise, since I don't have a good idea of how much gold is realistically obtainable in CC in Season 4. Basically, you become the loremaster of my campaign, and it reinforces my outlook on Critical hits when it comes to puzzle solving. If you answer wrong, but still roll a critical hit, then what was previously a wrong answer becomes the real answer. I don't have much interesting connected lore in my campaigns, so it'd be fun to see a player mess around with this.

    Not a very original weapon, mechanically or conceptually, but I feel it's interesting. Mechanically, it works pretty much like a better version of the Berserker Waraxe, since it has more damage, hits in an area and can be "thrown" without having to pick up the weapon again. But I feel there are some drawbacks as you'd expect from swinging around a whip of metal chains that are on fire, it can be easy to attack yourself or your allies with the AOE. The inspiration for this weapon conceptually comes from the Plasma whip in Ratchet and Clank 3, one of my favorite weapons that I feel needs some love. I also tool into account a bit of how that works in those games as well when making this.

    Edit: changed the Fiery Chain-Whip
    custom card
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    Thighter Revision

    Lots of stuff on the Thighter I feel was a bit too boring or not well thought out, so I had another look at it to see what improvements I could make.

    Changes made:
    Never skipped leg day->Runner up
    (Kobold Basic Attacks+Swift feather boots in one card changed to strong Knockback added to abilities after sprinting)

    Fierce Jumpkick
    ×4 damage and high risk->x3 damage and reduced risk (removed if saving the move action)

    Show Off
    More specific wording, user no longer decides Stun or Charm, only 1 target, 10 gold ->50 gold.

    New cards:
  • custom card

    So, a player in one of my campaigns about a week or so ago turned one of my NPC's into a companion, so I made a Mercenary companion card for them now, based on what they did. (They were a season 3 character with Grand Raven's gift and Enlarge EX, pretty much)

    I think this could be a decent way for me to make Mercenary companions. Just draw a bunch of Basic abilities, see if some of them could work as a at the end of the round sort of thing, and then maybe give them a cool Once per game effect.
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    Cards that I've chosen to take my own spin on, because I don't really like how it works in its current iteration

    I probably should've thought of a better title than that, but oh well, I'll just edit it if I can think of any

    I've decided to remake a couple of already existing cards to better suit my campaigns, because there are some cards that I just don't agree with. I don't claim that these versions are necessarily better than the originals, I just think they fit my ideal of the game better. A huge part of these cards come from the mind of Rawb, I've just tweaked them a tiny bit.

    Cards that I'm definitely changing to this:

    custom card - I've never really liked critting on doubles, but I realize that critting on doubles is a pretty iconic part of Fluent in Kobold, so in my games, if you roll double low, that's a crit in the opposite direction. So now, Fluent in Kobold isn't just purely better than being a pure Kobold. Gotta take some risks to get that reward!

    custom card - This makes Rebirth act a lot more like Erase, but both the risk and reward are much higher, and I think it's a lot more fun than the Rebirth we have.

    custom card - The vanilla Book of Magic Mastery's Once per game is just ridiculous. Like why would you ever spend 500 gold on something like a Greater Pyroblast that you can only use once per game, if you could just spend 300 gold on the Book of Magic Mastery to get any normal spell in the game AND have a choice that you can think about during the entire campaign, to cast any Spell including the previously mentioned Greater Pyroblast. I'm still fine with it letting you cast a Legendary Spell since it is a 300 gold item, but then it should be a random one IMO.

    custom card - Not really fond of vanilla Lumberjack easily getting more No-Roll bonus actions than rolled actions if the party just has 2 or more Beast Companions that deal damage in total. So with this, it encourages getting Beast Companions in general rather than just ones that deal damage, and it gives the option of running a companionless Lumberjack, since you still get an extra action each turn.

    Cards that I want to change, but only have vague ideas of how to handle:

    custom card - Considering how Jack of all Trades got nerfed to only work with basic abilities, I figured this is another thing that needed change. I can imagine it'd suck if you picked a class like Cabalist and suddenly none of your class spells are unique any more, since another player got Sanguinian and thus can just use any and all of your spells if they choose.
    So I just made something completely new for this cornerstone; The ability to make treasures out of your own blood and then keep them if they at least halfway match the elements of blood magic.

    custom card - Continuing with the casting spells of your allies Cornerstones, here's my reimagined Playwrights. There's probably something I'm not getting with the original Playwrights, so it just felt like it was made to give a Sanguinian but with Fire and Ice instead for Season 3's cornerstones. Now I've just added a lot more flavor to the Cornerstone, and made it so the only time you adopt the spells of your ally is when they won't be needing them any more (in retrospect, this approach could probably work great for Sanguinian as well).

    custom card - Not as fun of an idea as the other two counterparts to this, but I think this makes sense to make it less symmetrical.

    Stuff I made a card for but then realized I probably won't need:

    custom card - Here's another thing I don't really like: you getting a completely unrelated bonus action whenever someone else rolls a Critical Success. From my experience it's been pretty disruptive, but it may just be a problem with the players I've had rather than the card itself, so I'll keep this on the backburner for a while before replacing it in my games. The same goes for other "whenever a crit happens, you get a bonus action" stuff like Sea Shanty.

    Oh, I guess I should also adress the Elephant in the room, that this seems like it just makes the argument worse, where the player literally butts in on the middle of the crit, but with the added detail, I think this can be more fun. First off, it only happens on spells, so the warrior doing a great Whirlwind doesn't inspire the spellcaster to get a Bonus Action, but more importantly, the player that wants to butt in on the critical hit needs to explain how they're comboing with the critical hit, whether the crit is knocking someone back and the apprentice hits the target from the other direction, forcing them back towards where they were, or conjuring up some walled terrain around the target, making it difficult for them to dodge, or spawning some dangerous terrain where the target is landing from the knockback, etc.

    custom card - I came up with this idea for Tower Shield, since it's basically the Season 4 equivalent of the Season 3 Obsidian Wall, but I realized as I just got done with writing this that with Season 4 mechanics, a shield like this isn't really bad, since a character can't keep rolling to block once they're out of Anytimes. And there's still a risk to using this shield, like if you roll low while blocking with this shield, you still take the damage and waste an anytime. If the Tower Shield turns out to be annoying in a campaign, I'll keep this rework of it in mind, but I don't think it'll be necessary.
  • custom card - I sort of just made this because I'm curious to see what players would do with it.

    I'm sure there's not that many players who actively try to one-up eachother with who can make the most badass characters, but if that is actually a thing, this makes a fun dilemma for that sort of player. Would that person take away a big buff from everyone else to hog it all for yourself? And if that sort of person got it as a Gnome how would they distribute this ring among the party? Would they still keep it for themselves, or would they trust another player to keep it and not use the once per game?

    I've had combined elements on my mind for a while. Like how Fire/Arcane is Lightning magic, Light/Dark is Blood magic, etc. An idea I've come up with is making Star magic by combining Light/Ice magic, since there's very little stuff that are a combination of those elements. So here's a bunch of cards with that idea.

    custom card - This could probably be a Class ability, but I'm not really inspired enough to make a class based around the Star-theme yet and I think it can work as a consumable treasure in the meantime at least.

    custom card - The main effect of it is heavily inspired by Catapult from D&D. Figured the crit effect makes sense and sounds fun enough. I'm a big fan of casterstrinket, so I don't mind making a spell that combos with that.
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