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An Idea for Urealms Maps

I was wondering about the actual feasibility of adding your maps to a site like for sale. I know personally I would purchase the maps that have been created over the years, as someone who has gobbled up all of the free maps over the years, I personally love the future maps you've had and would personally like to add them to my own campaigns. If that is not feasible, then perhaps, as merely an idea, the ability to add those maps as a reward on patreon? I know personally I would shell money each month for the opportunity to get one of your previous maps, or even the idea of a monthly map that Meganzoor makes just for patreons, just like what Heroic Maps does as well. I am curious to see your response to this Rob, and if other people would also be interested in such a system. Maybe it could even be simpler and can be sold on your shop here on the website. Just am hoping for the opportunity to play with more maps in your universe! Thanks for reading!

P.S. Not trying to start a fight, or complain, just wanted to get this idea out here! 


  • The maps are such an amazing part of the show. Their intricacies and visual aspects are beautiful. Interesting idea!
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    This is a good idea! I've actually been thinking about creating a patreon to release all the Urealms/DeadRealms maps on, maybe making an extra map once a month.
    (I may have even gone back and "remastered" all of the Season 1 maps including sidequests)
    I just haven't been sure about how many people would actually be interested in the maps.

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    There is actually a huge community for map-making on patreon! Maphammer, Heroic Maps, 2-Minute Tabletop, Venatus Maps, etc. All of them get a huge amount of revenue from their patreons and I really recommend you see there template because there’s is absolutely a market for it! 
  • I for one would love to pick up the old and new maps if that means anything, I would shell out money for that
  • @Meganzoor ;
    I'm telling you right now, I would buy every single one. Your maps are the best. And there's something special about getting to play on a map that was featured on the show.
  • Thanks for letting me know you guys are interested! I will work on getting a Patreon set up for it soon!
  • I'm not afraid to say that many a GM has scoured every behind the scene video to try and get the URLs for your maps because they're incredible @Meganzoor ;. I would definitely be interested in a Patreon that has your maps.
  • I can confirm Shepard's Statements. I think I have found at least 1 of the maps for like 3 different Campaigns. They're so good
  • I would love to have access to all the maps, I have been meaning to get back into the Urealms Minecraft build I was doing. And this would be a great excuse.
  • @nectroyn @Pegarius @Knifu_Waifu @Cloud @ShepardCom @MasterDJV ;
    @erock1118 ;
    Hello to you wonderful people who wanted my maps! In case you missed today's stream, I finally launched my map patreon :dank: 
  • I think I was patron 2 or 3 when rob announced it @Meganzoor already in the process of figuring out campaigns to run on them You did fantastic work on all of them but holy cow the Season 1 maps! Well done and thank you very much!
  • Not only did @meganzoor release the maps on a patreon, but SHE ALSO UPDATED OLDER MAPS! An absolute legend in my eyes! A literal queen!  ~_~
  • @Meganzoor I see! And I actually bought the 5 dollar pack and began downloading all of them. I have been uploading them to a Roll20 server, and noticed that their resolution makes it faded. I was wondering if there was any possibility of a higher resolution of map to be an available tier? I would gladly shell some extra bucks for that option. But again, thanks for the maps! The remakes especially are so wonderfully done!
  • @nectroyn yeah, I noticed that there was a lot of the original resolution lost but I haven't really found a solution for that yet, uploading to them to imgur compresses them a lot and uploading them directly to patreon does too. If you know of any image sites that can privately host large image files (like 5-10mb each) without ruining them, lemme know!
  • I can speak to Heroic Maps that they use Dropbox. Also Maphammer creates zip files and just drops them into the patreon site itself. Hope this helps!
  • @nectroyn I attached some .rar files, hope that works for you! :dank: 
  • @Meganzoor ;
    This is probably asking a lot, and I totally understand if you're not interested in doing it, you've already given us so much. But I was wondering if you wouldn't mind adding night mode to a boat map for the behemoth/kraken fights, and night mode to the Senate of Deadlantis map while it's on fire? I'd add them myself, but I'm pretty inept.
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    @Cloud It's fairly simple to do but I guess it might be trickier with the grid and stuff already on the map, I can add these to the Patreon posts when I get some time!
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