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If you could add a class to the game, what would their theme be and/or what would they do?

Seeing as these classes fulfill a certain niche, like Berserker being the suicidal offense class, and/or have a certain theme, like casting magic through allies with Sea Chef, what new classes would you guys come up with?


  • I've made a class that completely revolves around forgetting and relearning spells
  • I'd like a Yu-Gi-Oh style card battler who has to draw magic/monsters from a deck and plays them to fight.
  • A mounted class. the class fights from on top of a companion.
  • beastmaster
  • A class focused around wind magic, that can create tornadoes and do all sorts of movement stuff.
  • @BeastMasterFTW Owl overhere wants to make you a class.
  • @Caprikel Sounds reminiscent of air bending!

    I don't think it exists (forgive me if it does), but a shape-shifting class would be pretty sick.
  • Lol. I have ideas for custom class.
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    I personally want a class based around teleporting all over the field, give them weapons with teleportation on them, skills to do melee attacks from range, opening portals on the battlefield...

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  • A dragonscale class, a class based around dragon worship and have access to welpling spells like fire breath and dragons talons. Stuff like that
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