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Dead Realms: The Eighth Element

edited July 2019 in Campaign Threads
The first (and only) two person campaign. Whoops!


  • I don't know if I should be hyped or confused?
  • I loved this
  • It was very entertaining 
  • Really fun show, can't wait for the OGD creation  :)
  • This one was April Fools worthy, but a funny and entertaining prank;And isn't that the point of a show like this? 
  • Was there actually a campaign today?

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    @Sweatingdwarf123 If you go twitch there is a vod from today :smile: URealms/DeadRealms is on the last Saturday of the month! 
  • That's three better than The Fifth Element! Step aside Bruce Willis; Bruce Willakers has got this.

    10 campaigns from now the 9th element will be a thing
    The elements of osmium
  • This was by far one of the best DeadRealms I have ever witnessed, and actually was more mad at myself of foreseeing the punchline of the show. It was a hell of a ride. :)
  • Rob, can you please tell me how posting works? I've been trying to make a post more months now, and I've used five different devices and three different browsers, but every time I've been unable to post. Aren't you only supposed to be restricted from posting for a day? Because my account is months old and I still can't post. I'm sorry for making an off topic comment, I would make a thread in the help desk, if it weren't for the fact that I can't post.
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    The eighth element is fake 
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