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Some of my card ideas

Roleplay items:
So i am dropping some ideas for cards i have had. Not sure my ideas will be any good but i thought i might as well share them. Also some of these might exist already but there are hundreds of cards so i cant bring myself to care if there are copies of ideas done before.

Spectacles of unraveling;

A pair of glasses that can see trough one layer of everything. (clothes, walls, ground etc).
Boom box;
Play incredibly loud funky music, making it hard to hear anything that is going on. Enemies must cover their ears if possible.
Ring of overly specific ability;
An ring that lets you roll an additional dice when attempting a ridiculously specific roll, it is up to the game-master to set the standard for what is strange enough. [An example i would give is if you are swimming up a waterfall chasing a gorilla.]
Kobald snack pack
A grab bag of the most Delicious stones and gems on the market, great for a quick snack.
Nostalgia puffs
A drug that makes you remember the good old days.

Roleplay spells:

Awesome intellect
Overload a character with knowledge and wisdom, so that they can no longer act correctly, this stuns the enemy/ally but makes them much smarter.
The enemy can now longer grab on to items without those items slipping out of their hands.
Matter eater
Enables you to eat any matter without restrictions or consequences for a few minutes.
Fake legendary
You play a fake version of a random legendary spells, the effect is very convincing and will frighten the enemies but none off the spells effects are used.
Twisted tongue
You can force a target to lie on your behalf.


Nail gun:
A gun that shoots long nails at your opponents, if the enemies are standing next to a wall they will be nailed to it unable to move.
Anarchist's hammer
A hammer that does double damage to enemies that are in charge of other enemies.
Animal coat
You can transform yourself to an animal that you carry the fur off, with this item is included at least one transformation.
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