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Custom S3 Class: Ravager

Hello! With Season 4 rapidly approaching, I decided against my better judgment to make a new class! Its a fancy Goro themed Basic Attacking Class where you get to hit your foes with a lot of arms! It has a bit of a "wild/feral" theme because multiple arms seems a bit more like a wild animal than a normal person. Yay! Without further ado:


If you have 6 Arms, you need 6 Weapons!

Dunno what a Boygona tree is, but the Ravager needed a cheap weapon for their arms otherwise they'd have no gold. Since the Class has no acces to Double Damage on its own, having dirt cheap 5 DMG Weapons (in the season 3 system) is balanced. 

The Berserkers Berserk. I know there is a companion Ability named Ravage, but in season 4 I won't have to worry about that anymore! If you're able to get double Damage somehow this ability can be insane. However, rolling for each attack means not all will probably hit, and critical failures end the whole ordeal.

Such a fun ability. You can (cheaply) get a few arms and go around picking up your foes and slamming them into one another. So much fun. (Legumes are a reference to one of my other classes, Fate Sifter which I just just realized I never shared here. To be shared soon!)

This is less of a combat ability, but more of a RP or Utility ability. Need to cross a ravine or scale a wall? Just have your friendly Ravager chuck the party the distance! It could have some limited uses in combat however.

With 4,6, or even 8 arms, you definitely need to bear hug some peeps. The more arms the better the hug!

Look man, if you have 4 arms, you can grab them by their arms and legs and just start pulling, it's terrifying. With a fifth+ arm you can even pull on their hair/head for added effect.

With many arms comes many opportunities. You can throw the best sock puppet show since you alone can have many characters on stage. (Shamelessly copied juggle for the mechanics)

Ravagers needed some movement and this was a hilarious and thematic thought that came to me. More "legs" means you could move faster right?

An obvious Limited? Really scales up several other abilities for the round.

Several of Ravager Abilities like having several foes adjacent/nearby. So rather than go to them, bring everyone to you! 

This is the seismicslam or slamshock of the class. Not the strongest Limited in the Realm, but really fun as you slam your fists into the Target over and over. Glorious.

If you would like to use this class in-game until s4 comes dancing along, here's a mod with the Class! Yay!

Any comments, feedback, suggestions, blah blah feel free to leave them down below! Love to read them!
"This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!"
(BTW, the art is Noxel with Kopie Ren's arms stitched on. Or the other way around, can't remember lol)


  • After reading all of the abilities I noticed the art has 4 arms wtf dude
  • @CasualCow lol yeah. Couldn't have a class specializing in extra arms not have art with multiple arms  ~_~
  • I see one problem with the move Ravage as with 6 rolls you have a problem with anything that proc's off a basic attack since you are counting each one as a separate attack through this ability.
  • @kunaiknife452 Thats part of what makes it different from the other Basic Attacking Classes. Berserker and Sharpsword have utility and heals with their abilities? Ravager has a few, but with Ravage, its strongest ability, ut has none of that. Its just Basic Attacks unlike Berserkers jumping, hits on low rolls, etc. Nor the Sharpsword's gimmicks
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