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Classes cut and reduced discussion

So been forever since i was on the forum the last time and now that the 3 youtube videos are out with deadbones and rob discussing the classes of this game.
Now i have a feeling this will be better, particularly for new players and we dont know the full season 4 rules. And its clear many changes will be made. But did your favorite class get cut?
Will you add back inn your own version off cut classes so you can still play with the full variation?
Let me know what you guys are thinking because i am really currious


  • im fine with most of the cuts, it will however make combat a lot more one dimensional since a lot of terrain has been cut and its back to relying on dps again, the big cut im over the moon about is the removal of Deadeye, Its is a absolute nightmare of a card for gms to deal with and in a pvp scenario 3 instant crits ( 4 with veteran ) into an instant another basic action instant crit is just far far far too powerful to the point where i banned spellslinger outright in my games 
  • It's a shame that all the minion classes were 'cut' from the 'base' game, but as long as they come back in an Expansion later, I'm sure I can get used to it. I'm also sure the terrain classes will also come back in an Expansion.

    I do prefer Classes focus more on Abilities and less on unique items, too (it really doesn't make sense for only certain classes to have certain things).

    The only thing I don't like is the loss of Bearserk from Berserker; the class is built around Bearserking, and we've had too many Berserker's that have Bearserked to completely drop it. I imagine Bearserking is going to become a Legendary Spell that anyone (who's lucky enough) can cast, but without it, I can't imagine the Berserker being any better then the Warrior or Ranger (two classes I loathe with a passion).
  • @friskyBrisky ;
    Except Bearserk wasn't cut from Berserker. It was the first one they saved for the class. They reduced the class to Waraxe, Cleave, Double Frost, Unstoppable, Death Wish and Bearserk. 
  • The last lore stream is what has gotten me the most excited for Season 4. With the changes to classes and the proposed changes to character creation, it all looks a lot more streamlined and fun compared to the already very fun character creation system.

    I love the idea of different classes having a different affect on the shop, making your class decision have a bigger impact on the group. It also gives Rob another way to help balance some classes out. Plus I'd think going back to the shared shop would give the players a better feeling of team cohesion and make it feel less separated and isolated. Not to mention it is just a lot less to read, which is a massive plus. 

    The Class reductions all looked great and gave a fun preview into what the General Ability/Roleplay Ability deck(s) will look like and I'm very excited about that. Plus getting to choose from a random set of abilities in addition to your class sounds like an extra fun change that could provide a lot of potential combos and fun opportunities. And in my opinion, each class they decided was "finished" was just the best parts of every class and felt real good. 

    Personally, I'm not too worried about the cuts or benches to classes. Just because they aren't immediately on Rob's Balance Checklist(TM), doesn't mean they won't get love or they won't still appear on the show or in Tabletop Simulator in the future. And I'd rather Rob take his time to balance and organize those classes until he's happy with it, than see the class rushed out and have sub-par mechanics or synergies.

    All in all, I'm super excited for Season 4's changes and it seems like a whole new streamlined game. I hope we get to see a preview of these changes in an upcoming Deadrealms, although I'm sure that's very unlikely. 
  • In my opinion the cuts were good, simplifying the game and allowing GM's to take charge making custom cards to bring back things that were cut if they want them. Aswell as alowing GM's to use these "cut/benched" cards as possible special unlocks. A Sorcerer that is given back Ice Tomb as a reward? Its not a legendary but its a special thing you can give players, and that alone can make someones game better. 

    Personally im a fan of the Ranger class and their different types of attacks. Im just going to add a few spells that give them different augments to their basic attacks like a poison or a slow or a stun on high roles etc.

    Majority of the issues I have come from character creation. Here are my issues and how I am handling them currently
    Players have too many options -  a premade shop with limited items that I think would offer good options to the players and this also lets me rig power levels. So sometimes my group is low power and sometimes they are legendary heroes. 
    Gold is not balanced on some cards - making the shop have sections with set prices like a 50g, 100g, 200, 1k, 2k etc areas lets me balance the campaign more, making encounters I make ballenced via the premade. Such as making ranged spells more expensive one week or making combos expensive or big spells such as Bard's Divine Mending or Alchemist Delay Death Potion, more expensive and more impactful when used. 

    By pre making character creation I am able to rig the games to be as difficult as I'd like, some weeks its darksouls, mechanics are hard, be scared and be willing to run and try again. Some weeks its an easy fight with epic combos and the players are absolutely badasses. This helps me alot in running games and planning them. 
  • @Tudd Weird, I would've sworn that Berserker become one of the collapsed classes (like Sorcerer). Must've been a joke and I missed the punchline. My bad.
  • I like what happened to Wizard. The stuff that became generic makes sense, and it still kept most of its fun stuff. Book of Spells is one of my favorite items, so it's gonna be quite fun to see that appear on other classes.
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