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The Top 20 Mightiest Old Gods (2019 Level Rankings)



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    @Dall me_st've
  • This is quite the shake up.
  • woke up today with 31 levels. think i only had 26 before :P
  • Oh woah lots of levels
  • Oh wow I hit 40! That’s about double what I was expecting.
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    Hmm, well isn't this interesting...was not expecting the EXP drop to be so soon.
  • Level 41, good luck everyone!
  • I also assume some people who donated a lot more have received more levels? I don't remember Zeo's level before the campaign, but I don't think it was 37/38 :drunk: 
  • I got about 5 levels for times three. Times five was probably around 8 levels for most people.
  • I got 10 levels for x5 I was 30 now I’m 40
  • I'm at 40 now lads
  • No comment.
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    Holy heck. 46! That's way more than I thought o_o
    Edit: BUT NOT ENOUGH NOOOOO! A few days until I regain my place on the top. 
  • What a lovely surprise
  • Jumped from 27 to 36.
  • I went from 25 to 33 with the 5x boost.
  • that nice level 36 jump to
  • i'm level 25! am i on there?
  • I'm here to join the xp boost party

  • i don't under stand this 
  • 37. No idea if that on here or not.
  •  :( i missed the easy show up experience, could have maybe made the list.
  • Oh boy 35 and probably not on the list

    That last campaign is really gonna stir things up huh
  • To give a brief spoiler I am calculating everything and keeping on top before my update on the 15th.

    The lowest level on the list is currently LvL 36, I'd love to know peoples thoughts on if we should increase the amount of people on the list. I like that's its the special 20 for each side of the dice though, I have seen people say increase it to 30 or 40 people though...I think it that's quite a few and 25 is manageable  :) 
  • Keep it at 20 i say
  • @Badzee I think you should keep it at 20. 25 would be nice, but 20 is well rounded and what you started with. So I say keep it at 20.
  • I'm with ya Badzee on the Top 20.
  • Aye, top 20 is too thematic to change
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