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Elemental Mage Gauntlets

Look At That!
Look At That And That And That!

They feel like a complex mess that was meant to allow something powerful to happen that was tooooo powerful.
You get to cast another spell of any element. BUUUUT, you need to fulfill two skilled mage requirements which is quite difficult.

I suggest this as a replacement.

custom card
custom card
custom card

These let you build towards an element and still lets you cast two spells of the element you just built towards.
Get arcane gauntlet -> Be skilled in arcane magic -> Sacrifice move to cast spell -> Profit

The idea for these gauntlets is to make them easier to use but require a specialization.
e.g I can be a master of arcane missiles
e.g Instead of walking I can windwalk as my move.
e.g I can bake two cupcakes per turn with my cupcake spell.


  • The no-roll option of the current mage gauntlets is kinda boring and strong for auto casting some parts of combos, so this is pretty cool.
  • @Whoneedspacee I think the no roll is actually detrimental since it doesn't allow for crits and doesn't allow for any "high roll" effects on cards. Honestly in my opinion they're supposed to be a pretty powerful item that is hard to build up to so you'll have to sacrifice some of your kit on spells you'll probably not be using to get the effect.
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    It's not really detrimental, it's just boring. You can no-roll use windfury or some buff ability and that's what most people use it for. There's lots of things that get weapons for free as well so it's pretty much just an easy buff at no cost most of the time someone takes it. Anything that's a no-roll without a roll is kind of lame imo. It's against the spirit of the game to just go "i succeed"
  • I think there should be more effects like this that allow you to use your move in other ways. It opens up a lot of possibilities. I think this fits the idea of the gauntlets nicely.
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