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Is there a Goblin leader(s)?

So is there a like a King or Queen? Are they some what tribe based? I feel like it would be funny (though not too practical) if they had a democratic, like there was somehow some-what smart goblins, or just another person pretending to be a goblin so they can spy or manipulate them, that voted on things. They may not even be publicly known, just a secret group of smart Goblins that government basic rules. They may not even need a president, just a council or something. Another one could be they are a council that dares the other groups into doing the dumbest thing possible and see if they live and if they do they get some kind of reward.


  • We don't know too much about goblins currently, we might learn more about it in future campaigns, but currently we just know that they're pretty hated, especially by elves.
  • I like to think that there are individual goblin tribes/hives scattered across the realms, each having their own way of doing things.
  • there is no big goblin council, that wouldn't make sense. you might have goblins that might call them self king that will not make him king of goblins, if the goblins do have a leader it will not be a goblin it would most likely be a porc, ogre, or highbear.
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