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Ye' Ol' Pile O' Races

DRYAD- Plant-like creatures that were created much the same way as Kobolds, but from vegetation rather than rock. Due to their "roots" (ba dum tss) they are very in-touch with nature and all that inhabit it.
custom card

ELEMENTAL- Humanoids infused with powerful magic of a single element, so much so that their entire body morphed and changed to its likeness. Due to this, they have an insane talent for casting spells of their element.
custom card

OGRE- Large, Two-Headed, Split-Personality beings whose skin is quite resistant to magic. Despite their size and apparent brutishness, many Ogres are known to be quite hospitable to friends and those it trusts, proving that Ogres do have layers.
custom card
(Probably needs a phat nerf, feel free to suggest)

DEIMOS- Outcast creatures whose once-strong civilization has crumbled into a tribal state. They rely heavily on their instincts and magic in battles, are known for their fits of aggression and frustration, and resent the use of Armaments and Armor alike.
custom card

TWILI- This peaceful race resides up in the heights of the skies, their home, commonly referred to as the Twilight Zone, a place of eternal darkness. Despite the stigma that surround them, Twili are an introverted, peaceful society of people, with their own brand of time-honored magics.
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AMAZON- This race that shot off of the elves a long time ago came to fruition when a large group of elves after the birth of magic decided to leave civilation and start anew in nature, isolating themselves and living as naturalists.

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  • So, they're interesting to say the least, but you've got a bit of a balancing issue (Outside the ogre that you already recognize. Although I think its actually fairly balanced).

    Dryad is actually pretty fine; I like it as is!
    The Elemental is way broken. Pick it and literally any spell class (that attacks with spells) and now your out damaging or outvaluing a berserker. Take it with Fireball, Arcane Missiles, or Yodel and you either have more Damage than Berserker 40 and range or tied damage at range with extra benefits. And all that requires is the race and 1 spell. Leaves you free to tank up and whatnot. 
    Compare that to the arguably weakest race, Gnome, or the strongest mechanically similar, Porc. Gnome compared to this is like comparing a twig to your walking cane, why even bother. Now Porc is as close as you can get to doubling Spells, however since they are Companion Abilities, there are very few 20 Damage ranged EX Spells. Your likely to get a single 30 DMG ability at moderate range half the time I'd estimate. Doubling Spells is dangerous business, especially when it's practically free on a race like this.

    Ogre is actually really fun. Even though your taking half magic Damage, you have inverse Kobold rolls to balance plus to Immunities to good old fashion sword and bow. I like it as is.

    Careful with Deimos. I realize that you have very low Stamina and as a benefit to the cost you deal a lot of Damage. But are you prepared to have a ~50 Stam Berserker running around dealing 80 Damage? 

    Twili is exactly what I had to say about Elemental but more-so since any spell in your Inventory is doubled rather than only a single element. The other effects are neat but all spells doubled is way too good.

    Interesting ideas (especially Ogre, I may have to take a bite out of that for my games), just a bit lop-sided on the balancing department. 
  • Thanks for the feedback! I'm working on a new idea for the elementals, now that you mention it, that is Way overpowered. For the twili I should probably word it better, and Im thinking of changing it somewhat as well, thinking of removing the double damage entirely. I've got a nerf lined up for deimos. And I'm trying to think of a small nerf to ogre. 
  • UPDATE: Elemental has had a complete revamp, Deimos has had a damage nerf and loss of the random fire spell traded off for a bit more health and gold. Twili has had a mini-rework.
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