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Babble Buds Asset Drop

Hey everyone, after recent discussions in the Babble Buds thread I've decided to make a post where people can drop their puppet assets. I'll drop my lil' collection to start off:

 I've made up 3 ear styles, a main set of eyebrows (plush bushy ones!), 18 eye styles, 19 facial hair styles, 20 hair styles, 40~ items/hats, 9 heads, 32 mouths, 10 noses, and 36 torsos. 

If anyone feels like sharing, let'er rip!


  • I'm gonna bump this, because I think it would be neat if the community came together here and shared their works so everyone could have more variety in their Babble Buds for free. I don't use the program currently, but if I do, I'll come back and drop everything I make for it.
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