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Legendary Spell Ideas!

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I don't think there's a thread for this yet. Pretty self explanatory. Apologies if there is a thread for this already and I missed it. I'll delete if told to.


  • Identity Death - A character casts a spell upon another character that changes their form, transforming them into a random companion (any type of companion, not just beasts.) permanently. The transformed character draws 3 random attribute, 3 random cornerstones, and 3 random classes. The caster of the spell decides which of all these three replaces the transformed character's previous cards.
    At first, the transformed character will maintain their old memories, mentality, and instincts, and very much not be used to their new form. However over time their mind will slowly shift over to their new stats, and may need to roll to resist their instincts changing.
  • The despellThe spell causes the affected target to lose all ability to cast magic. If losing their magical ability would kill the target. Then they must do a brutal or impossible death roll. All of the spells the target had known are cast at once all around it as they leave the target forever.
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    Summon Kallisto - Summon an Avatar of the Sun Dragon, Kallisto, as a 'Companion' linked to you. The Avatar lasts for one Round of Combat, and can not be killed by any method. Any Attack or Ability she uses will Instantly Kill a Target, without the need of a Death Roll. If you, or your Allies, Roll a Critical Failure this Round of Combat, this Avatar will go Anti-Party.
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    Antimagic Field - Using a chaotic form of magic, the caster creates a temporary field mimicking that of where Phanto's elven body died. Until the end of combat, all magic is suppressed and unusable outside of Critical Successes and other Legendary Spells.

    This field is not as potent as that of where Phanto perished, and as such sufficiently powerful magic is capable of overpowering this field.
    custom card
    Greater Counterspell - A more refined and powerful version of Counterspell, the use of this spell allows for any spell to be countered without a roll, including Critical Successes. A natural critical success with this spell causes the person who is being countered to Impossible Deathroll as their own magical essence is dissolved away.

    You can roll to attempt to counter Legendary Spells, succeeding with a High Roll.
    custom card
    Unspoaken Rule - Utter an unspoaken rule of the forns to unleash a 3x3 line of difficult terrain ahead of you.
    This difficult terrain is made of thorns, and both freezes and deals 50 damage to any foe who is caught in it as the thorns entangle themselves around them. This terrain cannot be removed by most regular means.

    custom card
    The Unspoaken Tree Law.

    I'll probably think of some more at some point.
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    Duality - A Light/Darkness spell on a high roll the target becomes split into two different being that will attack each other with half the health of the original. On a low roll, you create two separate beings that are hostile to you with half the health of the original. On any other roll, the target's health is cut in half.

    Randomness -  Roll a dice and draw that many cards from random spell target. For each card, you can pick a new target after seeing the card.

    When you use this you reset your character to what you had at the beginning of combat. You regain all health all actions and all limited.

    Dragons Breath - Allows the character to unleash a dragon breath. They must death roll 3 times if they survive they get the condition silence till the end of combat.

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    Soul Song
    Let loose a peaceful melody dear to your heart that inspires, calms, and gives hope in even the darkest of time. Restore all anytime and limited abilities that have been used by you and your allies. This spell will may occasionally end combat with a diplomatic solution.                     (Light spell)

    Giant Growth
    Swell to an immense size to tower over those around you. You now deal 5 times Damage with Basic Attacks and your spells now have an area of 5 in addition to their cast for the rest of combat.
    (green earth spell)
  • A spell where you set your body up to self destruct in exactly one round, causing all characters within 2 spaces of you to brutal death roll. This self destruct doesn't actually kill you, rather only destroys your body. After exploding in a martyrous fashion, you will be gone for as long as the gamemaster chooses. You will return in a new, usually inferious form. If the party has a beast companion, you may place your soul into this companion, otherwise you will draw a random beast companion for your new form.
    In the new beast form, you completely retain your former memories, mind, and instinct, and do not gain the instincts of your new form. You are stuck in this new form permanently.
  • Demonic Spawn - In a moment of desperation, pray to the dragon aspects as a whole, in a hope that one may just hear your cries.
    Summon a random legendary companion for the party that lasts for the rest of combat, that will be devoted to assisting your party win the battle. The legendary companion disappears at the end of combat, if the party is victorious. If the party fails the battle even with the help from the legendary companion, a dragon aspect will claim the soul and will of a random surviving party member.
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    Supreme Chaos - A spell created by Quintara Lotus designed for her followers, this spell has the potential to become incredible or deadly.

    Upon using this spell, all Basic Attacks and Spells are now replaced with random spells until the end of combat. In addition, the caster of this spell is considered Skilled in all forms of magic until the end of combat.

    A Critical Success invokes a different, extremely powerful effect instead, while a Critical Failure causes the caster to Brutal Deathroll from the arcane energies.
    custom card
    Beckon Phantom - Using a lost form of life magic, bring the spirit of a dead target back to life.
    This spirit is bound to you and retains all of its inventory, memories, thoughts and mental capacity as it did when it was alive. However, it is incapable of physical interaction.

    It is immune to all forms of terrain and has its own actions. It has no health, and Deathrolls whenever it would take damage. 

    If the caster of this spell dies, then any Phantoms they revived using this spell automatically die as well.
    custom card
  • Memorization - Your extreme natural talent for magic has given you the ability to learn any spell by just seeing it cast once. Choose any spell that you've seen cast or read about recently and add it to your inventory. Critical hits when using this ability causes the spell you learn to always critical hit as long as it does not roll a natural critical failure.

    Not sure if Legendary Spells are always in the form of Spell Scrolls (unless it's like a character specific Legendary). But I figured this could be a cool Legendary Spell to have as a normal ability.
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    custom card

  • Swarm Gate: Create a gateway anywhere on the battlefield connected to the Realm of Holding.
    Draw a random Companion. For the rest of combat, anytime you High Roll or anyone rolls a natural 20, three minions will spawn from the gateway. These minions have the same effects as the drawn Companion. If cast as a Critical, you instead will spawn 3 minions around you for the rest of the Campaign, friendly on High Rolls if a Critical Hit, enemies on Low Rolls if a Critical Fail.

    Compressed Silver: A clump of Silver which been pressured under heavy weight for thousands of years. Make someone eat it, rapidly making them age backwards to an infant or to a wet spot on the ground. Critical Hits will turn them very young and able to be raised as your own child, slave or pet.

    Fanatical Speech: Read the forbidden words on the scroll before giving a speech, forcing whomever listens to take this into their manners or belief system. This needs to be something that is not broad, and people need to focus on your speech to truly be taken over.

    McLax's Salmon Buffet: A page from McLax's Book of Ice. After consuming the knowledge of the page, you are able to make Salmon and other fishes and aquatic life appear from any body of water for the rest of the Campaign. Eating a fish restores Stamina.
    This spell claimed to be the reason High Bears no longer get to cast Ice Magic, since they overate and got fat. McLax have been asked for comments, but he is too fat to respond.

  • Enlarger - Enlarge but bigger (maybe what they used on the global splitting sword)
  • Devotion - A better version conversion allowing them to be devoted the steps the user walks
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    Silvered Tongue - Using this spell turns your tongue into a gilded silver color, allowing you to attempt to easily end combat diplomatically. When using this spell, attempts of diplomacy automatically succeed so long as what you say is remotely reasonable.

    Critical Failures instead turn your tongue into solid gold, causing a deathroll and silencing you until the end of combat.
    custom card
    Midas Skin - Your skin turns to gold for a while, causing anything you touch to become gold. Whenever a living creature touches you directly, they are forced to deathroll in order to avoid being turned into a solid gold statue.

    This can be used to force deathrolls whenever you attack a target with bare hands
    custom card
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    Status Field - Every enemy gains the status effect of the users desire 
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    Lightning Cage - A cage around the field appears that no one can enter or exit
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    Last Gambit - In a final act of desperation, you overcome your physical and mental limits in order to overclock your abilities to their absolute limit with complete disregard for your own life.

    You gain 3 Actions a turn, Sextuple Damage with Basic Attacks and Triple Damage with Spells until the end of combat. However, at the start of every round, you must perform a Brutal Deathroll to be able to sustain this state.

    In addition to this, once combat ends, your character dies without a Deathroll as your body dissolves into dust. You cannot be revived when you use this spell in any way.
    custom card
    Realm Warp - Channel the entirety of your magical essence in order to briefly be able to shape reality to be whatever you want it to be within a small area. Doing this, you are able to very briefly alter the effects of the realm itself, such as gravity, physics, density, material or whatever you desire.

    However, after using this ability, you completely lose any ability to cast magic as all of the magical energy within yourself is completely drained. This could kill certain creatures should they cast it.
    custom card
  • Wololo! - Shout out the forbidden words of power only the oldest of Medusas know, making every Target on the Battlefield, Ally and Foe, become a Companion linked to you.
  • Time Stop - Put everyone on the battlefield wherever you want

    Flood - Deal damage to everyone with a line with a width of 3 and then move each character hit by the spell to one side of the area affected
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    By expending a vast sum of Gold, you may swap any numbers listed on any cards on the game board. Using this spell without a proper catalysis or amount of gold as an offering can have serious unintended consequences as the realm becomes more unstable.  
  • I already put this in another thread but I'll put it here too

    A spell that creates a lava tsunami by magically puking all of the users energy. Actually a very easy spell to do spell if you practice it, which will be very hard considering every time you use it you have a 19/20 chance of dying. This spell is not to be confused with normal Tsunamis, the actual pronunciation is Tuh-Zu-Nami
    Legendary / T-Su–Nami (custom)
    Inspired by an old DvZ stream where bruce warned of "Tushunamis" the official spelling was Tsunami but with gaps between the T, The Su, and the Nami.
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    I don't have a name for this one, but here's the premise

    During the next round, you can perform any action feasibly possible by your character and succeed with it (your character becomes a badass action hero for one round).
  • @KingJR
    You mean something like this but for a single round?
    custom card
  • Maybe have a legendary that removes one (or more ) of the targets spells/abilities permanently.
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    Arcane Explostion: A giant nuke that hits everyone on the battlefield but cause the caster to go pass out even if the spell fail

    Dance of a Million Claws: Summon forth 2 claws of the grand raven with a roll for each call. The roll will be how many times Grand Raven Claw is cast and the calls can target 2 targets.
  • Blood Manipulation - You take control of the blood directly inside the body of a target, and use it to fully manipulate the movements and actions of the target without their consent. They can attempt to resist the actions you make them perform, only succeeding on a High Roll.

    If the target is the only foe target on the battlefield, you release control by expelling the blood from their body, causing a Brutal Deathroll.
    custom card
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    Greater Gag OrderPlace your hand on a Target and forcibly sever their connection with the Divines and Dragon Aspects. The Target can no longer cast spells for the rest of their existence, permanently Silencing them. custom card 
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