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1 Year Anniversary of Urealms Unified!(Campaigns incoming!)

This Saturday will mark the one year mark for our URealms fan server, Urealms Unified, from the day we opened it last year. Me and most the mods were pulled together from our different servers we once or still ran, and now have made a friendly and fun place together, along with a nice roster of members.
To celebrate this, starting the 9th (with a possible early 8th start), we have asked GMs on your servers to run campaigns through the weekend, trying to fill activity in your campaign channels to the brim! We got several of our own moderators hosting, our Cultists(certified GMs) hosting, and told many more to host as they please. 
If you wanted to host a game but lack members, people jumps at any opportunity to join a campaign if you ask during North American evenings. If you been wanting to join campaigns, this weekend will be a good chance for you.
Join us today and get the feel of the community.


  • Today is the start of the event, and our GMs should be starting in just a few hours. If you are itching for campaigns, or even hosting one, just use the discord link and come along!
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