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I solved the cheese spinning

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So what if there is actually a guy ontop of the cheese constantly running to stop himself from falling, but is only just making the cheese spin more  by doing so and The reason people just say it's going downhill is because he is too high up to see.


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    Dude it’s downhill because it’s on a slope. Let me paint a diagram with text

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    I mean obviously the egg is in a constant slope by being in a slight tilt and that's what caused the egg shape since the cheese wheel keeps on pushing stuff downward as it keeps on rolling
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    Nah. The egg is spinning constantly like a real planet and the cheese is so magic that it doesn’t spin with it. By the egg spinning it always spins in a way where the cheese is going down hill. Totally how science works trust me :-)
  • What if the cheese stays still and the egg rotates 
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