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Having a bad day?

Be me
-Watch Rawb's latest lore building stream
-See he is reviewing the landmarks that we made
-Mine is on the 3rd page
-Video comes close to ending
-Rawb looks at mine last, says is too hard to understand
-Needs picture
-Become sad
-Draw picture
-Edits post with newly drawn picture
-Realize Rawb probably won't look at picture
-Get more sad
-Eat food
-Play Destiny 2
-Plans with friends don't happen
-Get even more sad
-Friends get off
-Feeling down
-Get on Destiny app and look at those who need help beating the raid
-Help random Brits finish last part of raid that got fed bad info by a some other dude
-Laugh about how they kept failing because they literally didn't do parts of the encounter
-Finally finish
-Good Brits, very funny
-Remember that the only reason Rawb looked at my Urealms landmark was because he is an amazing creator who interacts with his viewers and fans
-Maybe he will draw inspiration from it
-Am happy

Thank you Rawb for even reading for landmark
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