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When the Plot Armor Breaks

There are various characters in the show that can't die due to either future plans requiring them to stay around or simply having the most recent point in the timeline having them be alive. Some of these characters are also just really hard to kill such as the spirit of the grand paladin and Bopin. But everything eventually dies, or rather, some of these characters dying would make for extremely interesting moments in the overall story of URealms Live.

What are some of your made up imagined deaths of these characters that might happen in the future?

For example, I think it'd be extremely interesting to have the dragon aspects prove to be more and more of a negative presence on the world to such a degree that even the elves turn their backs on them. In this scenario, Bopin would have a lot of sway over people as he promotes himself as a god. An extremely interesting twist in the tale could be that Bopin becomes a glimmer of hope in the beginnings of what looks to be a war against the gods themselves, only for that war to turn into an age of darkness for mortals as Bopin dies in a single instant without much fanfare, similarly to how Bopin would kill characters the audience loved with no care.

I'm sure the above scenario probably won't happen, but it's the direction I'm interested in for the character which is why I'm interested in hearing other people's made up non-canon stories of the future of the show to see where they want characters that currently have iron-skin to meet their end.
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