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Urealms Biology - Discussion and Ideas.

So in Urealms, there is a wide variety of magical creatures. Some which were on the planet before the dragons came, and some which have been corrupted after the birth of magic. With such a large and unique world, there are tonnes of critter ideas which could fit in. 

So in this thread, what are your ideas for new animals, as well as thoughts and additions to current animals. For example, how large can a cowfrog grow? New creature ideas should have whether their pre-birth of magic and corrupted, or birthed by dragons. 


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    Waterabs. A fusion of watermelons and crabs, these huge buff crabs who have abs which look like watermelon stripes. Their flesh would be juicy like a watermelon, but also fishy like a crab. Their claws would look like claws carved out of watermelons, or like someone took a bite out of a very soggy yet firm apple. 

    They have no legs, so they use their claws to roll them everywhere, as well as paddle across the ocean, as because of the large amount of water in their body, they are bouyant. All of this hard work gives them solid abs and muscles, which they can use to their natural advantage. They can also spit out seeds like bullet seed, but the seeds when grown in a fertile, sunlit and damp enviroment grow into more waterabs. 

    They typically live in areas near water, as they need to absorb a lot of water and sunlight to survive. I'd say their pre-birth of magic, but the birth of magic made them stronger through evolution, as they had to get stronger to survive.
  • A dragon but not actualy a dragon its a animated figurine of a dragon that makes whoever looks at it say "oh look a dragon" its mainly used to catch warlocks
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    Explosion Bunnies. Bunnies that are very cute and only jump when startled. When they jump they create an explosion underneath them propelling themselves super high in the air. They where created in an attempt 

    Food elementals. As there is magic that summons food it would only be a matter of time until a food elemental came to be. Great for party’s.

    Food chickens. A chicken enchanted to lay food so wizards don’t have to summon food so much. This food can also be cracked like an egg allowing steak omlets. There is an over population problem with them though as the chickens are enchanted to not lay food about once every day like real chickens do eggs but every minute, and like real eggs they hatch. 
  • I think Cowfrogs are Omnivores, and have an appetite like Goats. They just eat everything in sight, from clothes to goblins. Cows are herbivores and frogs eat flies, so i appreciate the comparison of goblins to flies. 

    Also Imagine cowfrogs can theoretically grow to the size of the cheese, but actually the biggest ones are the size of a small town. Cowfrogs are interesting, i wanna see more cowfrog lore going forward
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