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How the players added a dragon to my campaign

I was running a campaign, and in the specific dungeon it was leading to a dragon hatchling battling them, and a gnomish woman trying to transfer her consciousness into that dragons body.
Dragons in my universe are the huge 120 ft tall you all die type, and I thought a hatchling would be weak enough they could win, or could lose. They almost killed it and I started to make it cry out in pain to be that gamemaster who tries to play with the players guilt when one said
"Oh no, it's crying for its mother" I had not planned for a mother dragon at all, I haven't ever had a full grown dragon in a campaign or any stats or moves in a dragon but again, they next time the baby cried it out in pain..
"Oh no... Mother dragon!!"

My plans changed..... I started rolling mysteriously for no reason on the dragons turn and if it failed I'd say nothing, and they started to realize I was rolling for the mother dragon to show up. I failed three turns in a row sadly, and then the mother dragon showed up, I improved moves and damage amounts, but made rolls before they took damage from fire to make it seem burn based. They were going to win the encounter I designed, but now they designed their own encounter and it was going to kill them all. That's when they started running they actually started running for the exit! The charmed the baby dragon (much to my surprise as its near impossible) and they were able to leave, no one died somehow. One of my players even climbed to the giant mother dragons talon and he somehow lived... The dice were in their favour.
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