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I don't think this will ever be canon or has any base in lore but could you imagine if Philipe was maelstrom somehow?
Just posting because I'm curious if anyone else has any thoughts.
Again, I know this is impossible, unlikely, how ever you want to say the odds against it BUT imagine the meta level twist of a Maelstrom flashback and in the cutscene, he goes "They used to call me Philippe..." And then establish some lore that  about how he survived Gweneth or got brought back to life somehow.
I was about to post this and also realized They both Have Eyepatches!


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    @Finche This has actually been brought up in the past, and Rawb has confirmed, that they're different entities and that Philhipe is dead. (Well, he's technically still alive for now since we haven't actually witnessed it but his death is confirmed to be a thing). I'll try find where Rawb confirmed it, but it was a while back so I doubt I'll be able to. (Plus, Maelstrom is a Sandbold. He was Maelstrom long before Band of Thieves where Philhipe got the name "Philhipe")
  • @UnluckyBimi
    No we did witness Philipe's death, in the first Nader's Unforgotten Tales, which is canon 
  • Naders unforgetten tales are technically the only true canon thing in the show
  • @Murlin22 Which means Maelstrom isn't cannon. Thread closed  ~_~
  • @DungeonDavid
    Well.... I guess technically all donation events are canon because we did it so any character specifically named or shown in a donation event is canon
  • @Kingedyou I know, but I mean in the actual "game" side of things.
  • Back in the the BTS for Campaign 2 Rawb talked about how he had the idea that Chimera, Maelstrom, and Philipe were gonna be the same character or related to one another in some way. But the idea kinda got scrapped after we voted for Ageless instead of Philipe in season ones finally. Since then they have all pretty much become their own separate entities in the lore.
  • I'll always believe Philipe was somehow reborn into Maelstrom because of Maelstrom's cornerstone.
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