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Anti-Vax Moms in Urealms Confirmed

Alright I hate this that I though of it but in light of Rawb's recent lore building episodes I had pieced together that Anti vax moms, specifically for gnomes, exist. Alright so first the base info, Rawb and DB state that gnome are the base race for gnomes and keens are genetic variants created by the gnomes, but for what reason? Rawb and DB do not say, but one thing they do say is that gnomes suffer from a genetic disorder where they turn to stone when they die. Also DB asks Rawb if keens can be immune to this genetic disorder where they turn to stone when they die. Now for those that paid attention during these episodes, you'll remember when Rawb and DB presented a theoretical situation where a child complains to his parents that he didn't get the cool genetic treatment that the other kids got.

So what do we know now? We know that gnomes can die from a genetic defect where they turn to stone. We know that when a gnome has a child they can genetically modify the child, either before or after birth we do not know, that makes said child immune to the disease. But we also know that there are parents that choose to not give their children this genetic cure, why? Its is such a simple cure that many gnomes and keens have proven work. It is stated by Rawb and DB and keens aren't nesesarily shorter gnomes, but they are genetically modified gnomes. 

With all of this information I believe that because when a gnome is introduced to this genetic modification that makes them shorter and they become immune to this genetic disease, that there is a chance where the new keen can gain a new genetic defect, like Percy the keen from The Purge Campaign that Rawb and DB noted in these episodes, that is possibly random or just a defect that makes you an 8ft tall keen.

Now in conclusion we have a parents who chose not to give there children the possibility at a better life because of the risk of a different defect arising in their child that could ostracize them from society but in the end doesn't prevent the original disease. Now IRL we have moms who believe that not giving there kids vaccinations prevents autism, a defect in their eyes, and that keeping them away from these medical treatments will help them, but in the end it still doesn't help prevent the original disease from stopping.

But that's just a theory... Or at least it was until Rawb threw in the whole "Stone disease only applies to believers" thing


  • This is hilarious but the thing is that as we've seen with Percy, genetically modifying or "vaccinating" your gnome child can actually lead to a real defect. There could also be gnomes who would rather have their children be a REAL gnome instead of a experiment possibly. Maybe other reasons they wouldn't modify their children but who knows
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    @Disgumiting ;
    So I am bad at explaining in everything I do, so please bare with me.

    With Percy I didn't mention him a whole lot but I did realize him as one of the defects, the only things is the I did not know to categorize him as having THE defect of the keen modification that makes you 8ft tall or having a RANDOM defect of the keen modification that made him 8ft tall. I cannot tell because in the Purge campaign Percy has the Famous attribute and Roman and the others claim he is famous because of him being an 8ft tall keen. So if he is famous for being an 8ft tall keen then the defect of the keen modification would be a random defect that made specifically him 8ft also he could just be the first of the defected keens making him famous but also making the defect of the keen modification a set defect rather than a random one.

    I do realize that some gnomes might just not want to make their children keens as a pure blooded type of thing, like a specific house of gnomes might look down on keens for genetically altering themselves.
  • although Percy is famous for his defect thanks to the attribute I believe it is still a RANDOM defect. There maybe some groups of gnomes that defect their children ON PURPOSE for some reason like fame or maybe to tailor their child to a specific type of life. But Percy's story seems to be that he just came out wrong instead of his mother or father wanting him to be 8 ft and not telling us.
  • I agree that Percy's height was unintended but I still think whether it was a random defect determines on the circumstances I mentioned in the last post
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