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Game's Card Drop

So I made these cards for a campaign I wanted to do, still do never got to, and I realize some of these have the wrong gems or names like one of the legendaries says Random Item and one of the legendaries doesnt' have a consumable icon it. However I almost lost these due to a computer wipe and I thought I should at least share them with the community before I forget about them or they do get wiped forever.

In my head the Egg, Crystal, and Time Capsule can be found by a player randomly when they do a random action and roll a nat 20 or something. The Egg is supposed to evolve into the Hatched Egg when the GM determines so and the Crystal evolves into the Shard of the Realms Core with the same rule.

When I made Soul of the Ascendant it was before becoming a dragon had been made public info and now I realized that Soul of the Ascendant is essentially gaining a small amount of a Dragon's power without becoming a dragon himself.

Also I made a bunch a generic legendaries because I realized that when I do my campaign I want to be able to give my players legendaries but since they are supposed to formed to your character and that would kinda hard mid game, I thought that making a variety would help and I would just picked the one that best fits a character or give them an option of severalimage

(Ignore the lone Image File, I cannot seem to get rid of it and it is just a duplicate anyway)


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    I don't know if this needs to be said, but if anybody wants to use these, go ahead
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