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The first pantheon. Birth of the first planet (God rp) (Finished)



  • ( @bl1ndn3rd ) ( @nikiduke )
    (back do I roll as well since we are working together? Or not since the 20?)
  • @bl1ndn3rd ; You create a giant spooky skeleton forest 
    The lizards become bigger. And then they learn how to farm. which makes them intelligent. Which turns them less hostile. Which in the end makes them into a primitive civilization farming around the big hole in the ground. The skeletons occasionally warring with them. 

  • @WritingWyvern ; nah. You don't have to roll
  • ( @nikiduke )
    I feel like i tricked them to do the work for me, so it fits.
    anyways I'm whisper in Cadmar's voice, to speak with his minions and make them fight the nearest dragon, to see who wins 
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    "make harpoons...  don't like fish people"
  • Seeing as the world is very.. plain at the moment, I create large grass lands behind the mountains, including a few rolling hills every now and then.

  • @Kingedyou @nikiduke ;
    "Got it."

    He says, before he goes off and makes a lot of weapons.
    Some are harpoons, but most of it is either for his own people, and perhaps the occasional piece for the other gods to share out... after all, them stirring up conflict between all the people is just working to his agenda.

    (This is what i'm doing while I sleep. How many rolls should I do for this?)
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    "Also... the skeleton eaters you made for me aren't eating skeletons... they made farms... make them violent"
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ; You will be pleased to know that the valkyries have now entered primitive civ tier.
    And have constructed a giant sword that you can live in
    @Toruk With a single lift of your divine hand you force the north to grow. 
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ; About five should do. Lets see how consistent your forging quality is
  • ( @nikiduke )
    (Couldn't find there name the first time)
    He is whispering to the Gritonhelms to fight a dragon
  • @WritingWyvern
    Terra will watch him do that and urge him along with smiles and nods 
  • @nikiduke

    Here's the forging.

    "They had been doing fine even at their smaller stature. It was your actions which rendered them more docile. I'll reinvigorate their rage this time, but be wary of what you do with them."

    He simply states, before imbuing rage against the Skeletons into them.

  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ
    "And... and make them dumber"
  • @WritingWyvern ; The Gritonhelm. Mistaking your voice for their god's. March out against the nearest dragon.
    Roll off time.
    Gritonhelm army : 
  • @WritingWyvern @Kingedyou ; The dragon Incinerates them all
  • ( @nikiduke )
    Wren makes some sort of food and watches the battle while eating 
    "Damn my bets where on the little guys, well i better start my fun."
    He will whisper into the dragon's mind and say in a demonic voice.
    "They will attack again, be the first to attack them and burn their lands." roll on convincing the dragon i guess 
  • @nikiduke
    Ok in the top left corner I would like to make 50 absolutely pathetic creatures, ten of which being more pathetic than the rest and let evolution do it's thing 
  • ( @Kingedyou )
    Wren turns to the big turtle and smiles happily as they encourage them.
    (Your helping them become more chaotic, thanks but who knows what will happen next)
  • @nikiduke ;
    Mortem approaches the Skeleton people.
    "Hello. I am your God. Here is a gift."
    He hands them a Toaster. 
    "Figure it out."
    And then he leaves
  • @bl1ndn3rd
    (I just laughed so hard my mom asked me if I was ok) 
  • @WritingWyvern
    Terra just likes watching intelligent civilization die out, they're killing the earth Terra worked so hard on!
  • @Kingedyou ; The creatures appear and begin to reproduce.
    @bl1ndn3rd The toaster that you hand them incites a cultural revolution within the skeleton people. Making them expand into harsher territory. Also the lizard farmers become more barbaric and expand aswell.
    @WritingWyvern The dragon resists
  • edited February 2019
    @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ; You craft some pretty high quality weapons. Sure to be passed down within the clans for generations
  • ( @nikiduke )
    Damn dragon, well he flies off to his shadow angles and states to Wron Drow, 
    "You all need more magic in your life, but you will lead them, my child." He will teach/create more shadow magic for him to learn  also can the Shadow angles reproduce? 
  • @WritingWyvern ; They sure can.
    You teach Wron some advanced shadow magic. With the collected knowledge he asks you "My master. What are we to do with all this power you grant us? Do you wish us to conquer?"
  • ( @nikiduke )
    "No, conquering something sounds boring, you are to spread chaos, yes yes." Wren changes their voice into very manly and powerful. "Have special agents spread seeds of chaos, have them off other powers and internal life if they attack things. Like Dragons, other races, their own people. Anyone but you angels... Oh and while we are at it, you Wron Drow is the Warlock Lord, your line may rules this land forevermore and any minor angels are called Shadowlings. Understand?"
  • @nikiduke @Toruk @WritingWyvern @Rein ;
    suddenly another god appears "OMG guy's I had late birth you already partying without me,like so rude, I'm just start building now cause I'm gonna make this world like supper stellar and shit"
    She's ging to try to make a bunch of tropical islands on the south east.

  • @WritingWyvern ; "Understood master. It shall be so" *Wron Drow spreads his wings and flies off to inform the other shadow angels*
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