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The first pantheon. Birth of the first planet (God rp) (Finished)



  • @nikiduke ;
    (whats alive anymore)
    Mortem looks around, staying silent.
  • @bl1ndn3rd (A small surprise up where you are at and me. And maybe kari?)
  • @bl1ndn3rd ; (The gods pretty much. Everybody is dead or hiding in some other world)
    As you look around you notice an incredibly strong presence begin to approach you. A soul so powerful. That you feel like a micro-organism in it's presence
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    @nikiduke Gonna try and dodge out of the way of that right hook  (So hit by the right hook)

    And then I am gonna go for another left hook into their shoulder*  (But get a solid hit back)
  • @Toruk ;
    (Neat. I think Kari is alive yeah. I got a plan for her, at least one of yall might make it) 
  • @Toruk ; Yup you get hit by the right hook. And then strike him in the shoulder. You are both pretty exhausted by now. "My lady. She despises having to do this"
  • @nikiduke ;
    jumping behind the moon child for safety

  • love useless 20s. Love them sooooo much
  • @nikiduke "Then why continue? Everything is destroyed.. it is time for us all to go home.. and for me to wonder as all my children have died or have denounced me" Zio is sitting in a defensive position a couple a steps back after striking his shoulder, very tired but trying their best not to show it*
  • @bl1ndn3rd ; You jump behind her. And just bury yourself into her hair. It smells pleasant
  • @Toruk ; "The world must end. It is her wish"
  • @nikiduke ;
    hell yeah.
    if im gonna get destroyed by her mom at least i sniffed her daughter’s hair.

  • @bl1ndn3rd ;
    (oh yea the demons went against their word in saying they would leave brodysseus for last, so yea, bunch a' cunts)
  • @nikiduke "Then.. we have to continue till either of us fall" *I am gonna charge at Ron and try and left hook them again across the jaw* 
  • @Rein ; (Yeah. Wasn't a proper deal tho)
  • @nikiduke Still a bunch a' cunts
  • @Toruk ; "That will be quite enough." *As you land the hit a voice echoes through the ruins of the planet*
  • @bl1ndn3rd ; The moon child seems to shake slightly as you see two. Immaculate looking horns peer out from the moons horizon.
  • @nikiduke (Is Ron still standing?) I look around tomtry and find the source of the echos* “Whose voice echos through my broken realm? Surronded by my dead children, divine and mortal alike?” 
  • @nikiduke ;
    Mortem like tries to support but i mean hes even more terrified so
    its probably not helpful
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    @Toruk ; (He is on the floor. But he's slowly getting back up) You see CP. Sitting on her throne. Sipping tea
    "The one who destroyed it obviously"
    The crimson knight gets on one knee at her sight*
  • @nikiduke “..... I know in my current state I am unable to fight you with real chance. What do you wish for showing your own face to me?”
  • @bl1ndn3rd ; The figure walks over the horizon. It looks down at the two of you. "Hello mother"
  • @Toruk ; "I think it's quite obvious. Before we are done however. My champion. Please pick up your blade and kill this one for me" *She says whilst laying on her throne. The crimson knight immediately picks up his blade and walks over to you*
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    @nikiduke Gonna divine magic armour up and have my own sword ready* “I am sorry in the end you are forced into the unhonorable thing Ron.. forced to break our agreement” And Zio is gonna try and impale Ron’s heart  (Or not)
  • @nikiduke ;
    So this is her mother...Interesting.
    Mortem peaks from behind the Moon child and stares at her, taking in her appearance. And her soul power. Which is probably like, 100000000 times his own
  • @Toruk ; He blocks your strike. Before impaling his sword into your skull 
  • @nikiduke Gonna go for a nice juicy dodge there 
  • @bl1ndn3rd ; (If we are being humble yes)
    The moon childs mother puts you in her arm. You are teleported without a single noise or sound. A single micro-second to react. She looks at you with her piercing eyes.
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    @nikiduke After (what I assume was) a successful dodge, Zio attempts to disarm Ron  (And this is how we die)
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