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The Peaceful City of Alburn



  • @Maris
    the large room room has 4 doors one at each point of the compass
  • @Murlin22
    Question: Is this the sort of city which could have anything resembling a radio?
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    Ehhhh I suppose they could
  • @Murlin22
    Alright. I was just asking since I was debating whether to do anything surrounding any form of radio service, but I may not since what I have gotten doesn't particularly seem fitting for that sort of character.
  • @Murlin22
    Could I get 3 random Armor Cards please?
  • edited March 2019
    @Murlin22 ;
    For clarification on sheet:

    Starting Gold: 365 (600 + 50 + 80 = 730/2 = 365)
    Class: Ranger
    Purchases/Free Stuff:
    Rolling Shot [100]
    Longbow [100]
    Paralyze [100]
    Eaglesight [20]
    Soothe Beast [20]
    Combat Banner [10]
    Makeshift Armor [10] [Rokesh Pantsuit]

    Prickle Dance [Horny - Mindis as Petalwalker]
    Mark of Missiles EX, Venomate, Draggin Lightning EX, Golden Shot [Elf: Earth/Arcane]
    For front page:

    Name: Lysander_McDaugur
    Stamina: 58
    Appearance: A tall elf sporting a green and black camoflague-like outfit consisting of a green cloak, black long-sleeve shirt and dark-green trousers. Dark-Blue eyes and with a pair of extended horns coming out from his forehead which commonly gets him confused as a Fiend rather than an elf. He doesn't like having horns. Tends to be distant with people so that he can show to himself that he can survive on his own, without needing others to help him.
    Backstory: Originally residing from a distant region, he left his family on his own accord to find himself a territory for him to make a living in by himself, rather than possibly needing to leech from his family. From there, he's made his way to the Outskirts of Alburn, where he set up shop within the nearby woods and became a hunter. Typically shying away from the city, he does enter it on occasion to pick up supplies and sell some wares so that on emergency, he is capable of sustaining himself. His home is small but self-made from the materials within the woods itself.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ
    unfortuntatly Mindis isn’t technically your party member so you can’t take Prickle Dance but the rest looks fine
  • @Murlin22
    If that's the case, then Horny is actually completely useless as my attribute then, since technically no-one is my party member.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ
    yes, it’s just aesthetic
  • @Murlin22 She'll head to the south end then.
  • @Maris
    she heads to the door behind the spiral staircase. It’s large and made of oak
  • @Murlin22 She'll try to open and head inside!
  • @Maris
    she opens the door and steps inside, the door instantly closes behind her with a slam. The room look more like a cave then a room inside a tower, it’s absolutely vast with luminous mushrooms growing from the walls with a large pool in its centre
  • @Murlin22 "Woah..." She walks around, looking at stuff intrigued before probably not smartly getting into the pool.
  • @Maris
    The walls glisten with reflective gems as she walks around, the floor, roof and walls are unnaturally smooth for a cave.

    shes getting into the pool?
  • @Murlin22 Yep, into the pool.
  • @Maris
    fully clothed?
  • @Murlin22 Yeah. She's not too smart.
  • @Maris
    okay, how is she getting in, is she lowering herself in, jumping in or something else?
  • @Murlin22 Um... jumping in.
  • @Maris
    okay roll please
  • @Maris
    she jumps in... but as she enters the pool the world around her bends and changes. She’s now standing in a disheveled old room covered in pictures and Articles there are several filled bookshelves and a writing desk with some loose pages on it
  • @Murlin22 She tilts her head confusedly as she looks around. "What happened?"
    She looks at the bookshelves.
  • @Maris
    the bookshelves appear to be full of encyclopedias or books to similar effect, 
  • @Murlin22 She looks at the desk.
  • @Maris
    the desk is messy and has ink splotches everywhere, 2 of the pages are completely written on whilst one seems half finished
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