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The Peaceful City of Alburn

welcome to the city of Alburn, in this Rp you are residents of this peaceful costal city, there is so much to do and have fun with here. Thousands of houses, hundreds of businesses, and even places to visit outside the city. This is a mainly rp thread but I will work with the players to give them something more if they feel like braving the wilderness to go hunting or perhaps become a great and famous mage or maybe slay a dragon? The possibilities are near endless.

Race: all the basics plus goblin, gnoll, Sheazite, fiend and any other sentient creatures.
Gold roll: 
Attractivness and Endowment roll: ( optional but to have higher then a 15 in either of them you have to roll here ) 

i will then draw you your CS and A and 6 random classes 

Then your Total gold will be halved and you may shop, need to leave room for growth. 

Finally post your completed sheet and name along with any additional information you want and I’ll catalog your character.

This is a city, normally everyday world rules apply here, slavery is not technically illegal in this world but it’s looked down upon. Casting magic around willy nilly is a sure fire way to get the police chasing you. If you do something that will clearly lead to something horrible happen do not be surprised, city life isn’t always cosy.

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