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My name? I'd like to change it (please)

PoppyrusRose? Long, unwieldy, doesn't really roll off the tongue, and I don't even particularly like roses, tbqhwyf.

Poppyrus? A good bit shorter, I really like that Poppy <--> Papyrus pun, and a third reason to make this line longer.

Hope it isn't too much trouble to ask for a name change from the former to the latter! thanksinadvancebtw 


  • Hey, so, I dunno if I want to change my name anymore! On the one hand, it might make pronunciation easier, but on the other hand--Rokesh, Forn, Nature! That is, if I even want to be involved with the OGD.
    So, can yall do me a favor and put my request on hold? I need to think
  • I'm done thinking--I can't believe I shrugged this off before!


  • Changing names isn't something I want to constantly do. even in this thread you going back and forth with your username, so just keep what you got my dude.
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