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urealms FAN stream for The Good, The Bad and the Foxy with the Gibbon Squad.(5 March 8pm GMT)

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Another month, another campaign. This one is gonna be similar to senate of deadlantis with the players playing senators/MPs in the ageless city but with more election runs and some unexpected happenings! This campaign will feature 5 players trying to gain the political upper hand in a bid to push their policies through and help the city prosper in their favour.

Act1: 26/2/2019
Act2: 5/3/2019 (hopefully)
Act3: 12/3/2019 (hopefully)


  • Update now I have confirmation on stream dates.
  • Nice! Good luck and have fun on the campaign! 
  • Act 2 tonight lads. Shortened the campaign to 2 acts cause I can tell the story in shorter time than planned and cut some needless filler
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