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Tales From Slifeliska: Story Three The Eincrad Council



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    The Prince of Pepper End 

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    Step 1) Choose a district : 3
    Step 2) Describe your lord : A chicken
    Step 3) Describe your district with little to no restrictions: It's a land of nothing but chickens
  • alright character creation is up 
  • I'm gonna reserve one, but think about what i'm gonna go with.
  • @nikiduke
    I should've specified the races
  • @Kingedyou ; Ok. 
    Step 1) Choose a district : 3
    Step 2) Describe your lord : A flower folk that likes chickens
    Step 3) Describe your district with little to no restrictions: It's a land of nothing but chickens
  • @nikiduke
    What kind of flower? 
  • @Kingedyou ; A chicken flower (it exists)
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    Huh alright, also I'll let you have your chicken district but I'll need a better description than a flowerfolk who likes chicken and a district of chickens 
  • @Kingedyou ; She doesn't like chicken. She likes chickens.
    Also the district is just one big chicken farm
  • @nikiduke
    alright I'm still gonna need more mate otherwise I just won't let you do it 
  • @Kingedyou

    Step 1) Choose a district: District 2

    Step 2) Describe your lord: Ser Hammington 'Pablo' Estaban Esq. The Fifth: A Black Boar who heard of the conquering of the demons by a singular disgruntled Porc, curing the deserts of Archen by sacrificing his body and soul to the Demonic God, sating him enough to allow for Colino, God of Eincrad, to banish him to his realm. Since that time, he spread the tale and became a major figurehead for the porcs of the island, being made into one of the lords of the island as such.

    Step 3) Describe your district with little to no restrictions: A region which contains the majority of the porcs of the island, holding a few new Porc Pits and generally a variety of establishments and fields of work. They do not follow any specific god in particular, but they do praise the Porc Hero who cured the deserts of the nation, of which the district either resides next to or partially within.

  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ
    All good for the most part but you do remember that in his anger Colino literally cut the desert off of Archen and sank it right? The continent used to be circle 
  • @Kingedyou
    I know. It's why I picked region 2. I couldn't fully remember, so I at least picked the region closest to it so that I could add the 'On the desert partially OR Directly next to where it once laid'
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ
    Ah alright all set then 
  • Step 1) Choose a district : 3
    Step 2) Describe your lord : Chickedy Hensworth A flower folk that likes chickens. She wears a big chicken costume. And is pretty crazy. She has a pet chicken named Duke Clucksworth jr. II. She was assumed into position due to her amazing ability of creating A grade chickens with premium meat.
    Step 3) Describe your district with little to no restrictions: It's a land of nothing but chickens. Farms filled with chickens. Statues of Chickens. Everything is made out of chicken feathers. The people wear chicken feather clothing. They have chicken festivals. And they only eat chicken. The army rides giant war chickens into battle
  • @Loreteck @Toruk ;
    Ahem, anything the king and queen of Eincrad would like to say?
  • @Kingedyou @Toruk ;
    Yeah um I'm going to deny niki's sheet Because pumpkin wouldn't allow a clown to be in charge, sorry but thats the truth of the matter.And No, making good chicken dose not justify the position let's be a little serious here.But JJ's is good.
    (Also got back after reading all of beastar and now in withdraw of waiting for next weeks chapters...why does it have be so damn good) 
  • @Kingedyou oi, I just got back from a night driving test, what you want?
  • @Nikiduke @Loreteck ;
    You heard the man, sorry mate Lore gets final call but you can workshop it with him
  • @Toruk
    We're finally doing the Eincrad Council I just figured as queen you'd like to give a bit of input 
  • @Kingedyou ; Ok. I don't care then. Have fun with your rp
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    District: 6 

    Draugh Lingonberry a very poor and rustic young lord with almost no good qualities. He spends his time working with his people farming mining building and judging those in his care. The proudest of his achievements is making a mound of complex mud brick buildings utilizing a spring to run water throughout the housing and making a way out to the ocean running the waste of the village out, in the area growing plants and food for every single person in the entirety of the district with little to no problems besides the occasional raids which have been getting worse as he has had no ideas to counter this after all he is only a peaceful asshole who has a soft spot for efficiency. Speaking of efficiency he has used the bodies that sometimes pile up on the mound as fertilizer for more crops and grave sites honoring the dead by using them literally to better the district. (Basically like the hanging gardens)

    District 6 is full of people who want to make an honest living however they can tired of having to pay money to get the things they need they have decided to bundle up and grow food together, mine resources together, and grow together. All of the people in this district are like family to one another and almost never fight each other. It is a communist community that believes hard work together will see them through any situation. 

  • @Kingedyou Char sheets wise I am fine with jj and stand with loreteck on his desicion to boot niki *though kinda dumb niki ain’t willing to compromise, but that is niki* as for what to, depends on what the topics of the council will be this time round.
  • @helperbot0613
    All set mate, and good to see you back
  • @Kingedyou Thanks :3 Good to be back
  • @Kingedyou  ;@Toruk ;
    Helpers sheet is good since I can some wiggle room for one district to have different ruling methods, though the raids may be a topic of discussion during the meeting as it would more or less be a national affiar.
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