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Tales From Slifeliska: Story Three The Eincrad Council

Welcome To Tales From Slifeliska!

Slifeliska is the universe in which all of my RP's take place. It contains 4 main continents, the previously uninhabited Archen, now under the rule of King Pumpkin. The war-torn brutal Scorupi constantly bathed in bloodshed. The tropical paradise that is Cresselia, trapped in the past unable to progress. And the industrialized Zorua a bustling continent full of cities and great technology.

This thread is what I'll be using to flesh out the world and fill it with locations and characters. This isn't one story, it's many, every few weeks a new story will appear on this thread, new characters, new locations, new plot, and a new tale. This is all very loose which allows a few things, if I don't like where a story goes it never happened it was just a book or something, if a story gets boring it can just be abandoned at the drop of a hat with no repercussions, in the future I may even allow someone else to GM a story on this thread.

I may not have explained this well so if you have any questions let me know.


STORY ONE: The Cresselian Warriors

The Cresselian Warriors are an order of Gumiohs created by the Goddess Lodrina. They were created to protect the simple-minded inhabitants of Cresselia from internal and external threats. Though before they were well known as protectors they had one single purpose, don't let anyone in.
1) Gold roll, Material roll (the material roll decides what materials make you up... it'll make more sense later)
2) Cornerstone and Attribute (I'll draw it)
3) No class' you are given 100 extra gold, all gumioh passives and abilities cost 50 gold, open shop

STORY TWO: The Prince of Pepper

You play as the angel and devil on the shoulders of Prince Rava of Pepper Town. Currently, his father the king plans to step down and as per the law of Pepper Town, the prince must be married before he can assume the throne, though it is customary to act as a commoner to find a partner in the royal family.
There will only be two players, one is an angel on the prince's shoulder telling him to do what's right and wanting him to stay true and pure, the other is a devil on his shoulder telling him to do what's wrong and stay bad and corrupt. Though both agree on one thing, Prince Rava must find himself a wife. 
Step 1) State Angel or Devil
Step 2) Appearance 
Step 2) Personality

STORY THREE: The Eincrad Council 

After God King Colino handed off control of Eincrad, and by extension Archen to King Pumpkin he split the land into 12 districts. Six of these districts are major districts, the capital city is controlled by Pumpkin himself and the other five are controlled by lords. The other six lesser districts are controlled by Dukes and Dutchesses, though they're not important. This is a meeting between King Pumpkin and his five lords to discuss politcal dealings. We're doing Lords of Minecraft boys go nuts. 
You play as the five lords of Eincrad.
Step 1) Choose a district 2-6 (map located above)
Step 2) Describe your lord choosing one of the races found or a base Urealms race 
Step 3) Describe your district and give it a theme
District 2: Lord Ser Hammington 'Pablo' Estaban Esq. The Fifth
District 6: Lord Draugh Lingonberry




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