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Urealms Landmarks - what are yours?



  • The Realm of Holding Lost and Found

    Someone who ended up in the realm of holding managed to create a portal between dimensions to get out. Unfortunately the portal can only be closed from inside the realm of holding.  So now items floating around the realm occasionally get sucked into the portal and spat back out into the real world. A massive building was built around the portal in order to store and hold the items until people come to claim their missing items.
  • This is after the most recent Lore Building video (Imagination Station).

    The elf capital, or wherever the King of All Elves lives (whats his name), is an imagination station built by the King of All Elves to house his people (before or after the birth of magic, doesn't particularly matter). Meaning, if he dies then a WHOLE LOT OF ELVES ARE HOMELESS!
  • Reverse mountain.
    A hole in the ground that a lot of people insist is a mountain but in reverse and get extremely offended if anyone tries to tell them otherwise
  • Stereotypical Haunted House
    You know the one, its full of Ghost, Witches and Vampires and such.
    With this Haunted House you know exactly what your getting yourself into.
    Its on a DEAD end road in the middle of a darkened forest.
  • How about a whirlpool in the ocean that teleportwhatever falls into it to a random location in the realm.
  • Drug pie, i mean dream pies that put the eater in a coma like state
  • I would have a large fissure nearby deadlantis, where the skullbreakers who died were pilled up, just a mile long crack in the ground overflowing with broken skulls and bones. the idea of the light side finding it on the way to deadlantis seems awsome to me.
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