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Urealms Landmarks - what are yours?



  • The Exchanger 

    A small and bloody altar with a bowl and spike at the top of it. It was generally unknown when this was created or found, but it's been used for "quite a while." On the altar is a stone tablet with drawings depicting the process of how to use it, (both participating bodies willingly sacrifice an amount of blood on the altar with the same hand) resulting in both targets switching bodies. People generally use this to place bets with one another, seeing who indeed has the hardest life. Other uses are for general things like escaping the law or general interest in another race and their lives/customs. 

    The altar never stays in one place but rather cycles into different locations. It is unknown if it can be destroyed, but it's obvious that magic is involved and that it is to be kept under wraps from the general public. Though, there are a few people who do manage to slip away ...
  • The Wind Guardian of Leviosa

    Leviosa: Leviosa was a palace in the sky and the size of a real world Canadian province, created by Rokesh before the birth of magic as he had gotten bored of staying on "the earth" (maybe). After the birth of magic, Rokesh had forgotten about it. So after years of nothing, Harpy's found it and it became their palace. Since it had grown old, it became weak. Because of this it started falling towards the ground. To mortals it just looks like a cloud in the sky.(Another world ending problem).
    The Wind Guardian: The Wind Guardian was originally a statue created by Rokesh that he left on Leviosa. After the birth of magic happened it came to life and dedicated it's life to protecting Leviosa. This statue is big enough to maybe temporarily stop the cheese wheel and it resembles a knight with wings on its back. So when it started collapsing he sprung into action. He went under the giant floating piece of land and had flew under it. While under it, he started lifting it, and he is always carrying it on his back at all times. He hasn't completely stopped it so it will eventually slam into the ground.

    Yes its a "parody" of wingardium leviosa from Harry Potter...
  • The Mound and the Corpses Walk.

    Near the edge of The Decay, there is a giant elven mound of dirt to pay respects to those deceased. Overtime, the elves made a solemn walkway because there was so much dirt it was a hassle to sprinkle, as well as to further honour them. 

    The Walkway is known for a high suicide rate, and hallucintions of the dead. It is reffered to as Corpss Walk, because if you go there, you are likley to become a corpse. Said corpses of elves who take their own life are chucked into the mound, and thus become part of the aethsetic. No elf likes going here, but they feel obligated to pay their respects.
  • Glass Castle
    In the sparky eletricity desert, there was a large Sandcastle, but then it got zapped by lightening repeatedly until it turned into glass, so it is a mixture of Sandstone/sand and glass.
  • Idea for the library: it is just a believer zoo

    People can check out believers and when they're done the believer is killed and the book reshelved.

    Dangerous or valuable books are available to be observed in safe chambers but their believers aren't allowed to leave the library. 

    If urealms is mostly preindustrial most people would likely be illiterate. But with this library, books could be experienced by everyone! (Just don't think about the massive believer slaughter too much)
  • The city of believers master plan is to gather enough believer souls and some how merge them in one legendary book to resurrect the dead Dragon, but slightly altered to favor Niscovin.
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    are you sneaking lore into my thread about landmarks, how could you?!

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    I'll just shoot off a bunch of basic ideas
    -A pot puppy farm that grows pot puppies for those unwilling or unable to grow their own. Perhaps it could have some sort of seasonal significance for families like apple picking. 
    -A petting zoo esque themepark that attempts to capitalize on the fictional books found in the world of urealms. Believers of mythic hero's and other characters would be used to appease and entertain guests. 
    -A ground-zero esque monument constructed for those lost during the birth of magic. If gold is prominently used it could be perceived as extremely wasteful by the races which came about after the birth of magic. This may be part of the reason that racism between the pre and post birth races is common.
    -An aerospace research facility which was transformed into a shipping service shorty after their first launch. I think it would be really funny if things shot past the moon and sun in urealms simply collided with the planet at the opposite end just like objects that "fall off the table" in table top. The old gods could alter this later, but this would mostly be used as a means to send goods which need to travel to the opposite end of the planet very quickly. No one would question why this happens due to a conspiracy by the shipping company which prevents any further aerospace research.
    -A renaissance type city that is deliberately meant to appeal to artists. Most of the worlds "professional" artists would live here. The culture would make the whole city feel like a modern art museum where you dont understand any of the paintings. 
    -An arena built somewhere in the groove of the giant cheese wheel in which people compete in a ridiculously dangerous sport called cheese rolling (see the real world version cheese rolling as reference). Two bells are placed on each side of the cheese wheel's path of destruction. The goal is to move back and fourth between the bells, ringing each one to score a point. Each game is a day long and is started and ended by the passing of the cheese wheel. Whoever gets the most points without getting crushed by the rolling cheese wheel wins. Throwing your opponents into the cheese wheel as it rolls by at the end of the game is a common strategy. 

    I'll end it there. 
  • @Dart Takes one to know one, mister "Secret Gnome window washing society." : P
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  • @ThwipBlazez
    That aerospace research facility is my favorite idea yet
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    This is a quite generic idea with not much to it, but I feel like you could need a big court of justice, where you can hold a courtroom drama (Roamin would love this), or you could reference.

    "Why are you in here"
    "I was sentenced 4 years in the silvermine mountains, by the something-something court of law" 

    This can really go in any city. I'd recommend Okonoma, because gnomes are intelligent and generally liked by most races, so they could settle interracial cases, unbiasedly.

    This court could also be it's own landmark. Just giving some suggestions, I don't write this lore.
  • A beenu waystation

    A waystation for Sub-orbital travel/cargo movement and/or satellite shenanigans.
    (really hoping for a hidden beenu space station full of elemechs get's activated by someone messing with beenu consoles and activating some failsafe from way before the dragons came (Since other vise it would not make any sense to have a elemech force in outer space  ready to lay a beatdown on a unauthorised user))
  • Longshott Bunker

    A small bunker containing firearms that could equip the whole population (possibly a rumor), guarded by a pair of two of the deadliest longshots known to the Realm. While no one knows their name (due to being shot down from 300 yards away, whether it be scope or eagles), they're commonly referred to as Sniper 1 and Sniper 2. The only communication they've created among the outside is through Raven's and signs that are meant to distract targets from entering, making their kills efficient. 

    It is unknown what they look like and what their purpose is. Though, the misinformed answer is by blocking off the Southerner's from entering Northern territory. In actuality, they're really protective of their guns. 
  • The Golden mines,
    a group of mines where gold is mined, and due to the high concentration of gold, magic acts weird in these mines, Some say that the first Magician discovered the ability to just pull random spells while making hats here. This is a well kept secret of the people of Abracadab and where all regal top hats are now made. There is a very high population of hat rats living in these mines.  
  • A Giant Robot

    An incomplete robot that the beenu were building to defend themselves from the dragons if they ever went rogue.

    Some beenu were afraid of the power the dragons had and what they would do if they started to misuse that power. They started a secret project to build a robot that could fight back. Over time, they kept discovering more about what the dragons could do. In response they had to keep escalating the size and complexity of the robot. But they couldn't finish the robot before they died.
  • The Grand Magocracy of Ultimatia
    A city with a high concentration of Sorcerers with inflated egos that can only be entered through a magical ritual by trained magi. The most powerful mages of Ultimatia wanted to enchant the city and people in it to be larger and more powerful than the Highbears. Through an elaborate ritual gone awry the whole city was shrunk down to tiny size, and they have kept it secret.

    To enter the city the 'gatekeepers' shrink travelers, and return them to normal to leave. They refuse to undo the magic to the city because that would be admitting they had failed. The city has a heavy amount of anti-highbear propaganda from the government. The city is led by a Bard Highbear using disguise magic who has been ruling the city during his vacation time since the cities founding.
  • The Lost Catacomb Facility

    An ancient - and now abandoned - laboratory/facility (possibly of Beenu origin?) inside a mountain that is almost impossible to reach from the outside because of a maze of caves that lead into it which are constantly shifting and changing.

    If it is of Beenu origin, then perhaps after Lyn Azveltara poisoned their silver supply; those who lived and worked there tried to escape, but got lost in the caves, where they ultimately perished.
  • One of my favorite real life locations is the lighthouse of Maracaibo, also known as Catatumbo Lightning. I would definitely place this somewhere in any fantasy world I create.
  • hey just in case you don't keep the candy idea I thought of this

    what if it was an old alchemist who was trying to fuse living and non-living objects so one of his tests was to fuse candy and plant seeds that didn't grow and he deemed it a failure and after a while it went out of control and he devoted the rest of his life to try and stop it but right as he found the solution to the problem he was overtaken by the candy and now the only way to stop the spread is to reach the tower he was in (ground zero) which has been warped as the candy grew around it into a tree where the solution is hidden now you need to find a way to reach the center which is much harder to do now that it has spread so far

    that way there is a clear solution to the problem you just have to get to it
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    The Giant Hole

    Thor, having been intoxicated, wanted to make more Dwarfs from a mountain he was near. However, his concentration was broken and instead of making a bunch of tiny Dwarfs, made one massive Dwarf. A Giant. The problem, the Giant was made in midair, so when Thor freaked out, it dropped like a rock, and made a Looney Tunes-shaped crater in the ground. 

    The Giant fell farther and farther down, pieces breaking off every level till only it’s head, which was still the size of a castle, landed in Vlaurunga’s nest.

    The other pieces of The Giant became smaller, but still massive Giants, that roam Vlaurunga’s caves in search of the head, as Giants strive for a sense of completion, and can’t find it in gold, marriage or adventure. It’s why we don’t see Giants a lot in URealms, because they tend to always return underground to keep looking.

    The Giant Hole no longer leads directly into Vlaurunga’s nest because when all the new Giants were born, they tried making a mad dash towards the head, and caused a massive earthquake that shifted the ground, causing the hole to only be around 100ft deep.

    The Giant Hole is used mostly as venue for events like royal celebrations, conventions and festivals.

    As for the head, Vlaurunga put it on a stone pillar in the lave core next to her nest, where it told her poems that, while terrible, helped her to go to sleep better.
  • Watergate: A city that is built around a gient damn that was made to drain a part of the ocean to form a mine.
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    Dungeon Box
    • So there is this cube, big'ol cube (Maybe like 20yd by 20yd by 20yd) and its only features are that there is a button on one side, and when you look at it you just think "Bad cube".
    • If you press the button you get teleported into a maze inside the cube and somewhere in the maze is another button you have to press, and once you press it you get teleported deeper into the cube to another maze with another button to find. This cycle goes on forever, there is no end.
    •  This was a "gift" given to a specific kobold tribe from Quintara Lotus. Quintara found this kobold tribe and they just p***** her off so she gave them a cube claiming to be a dungeon with valuable gems at the end but in reality she just made a grave for any kobold who went in it.
    • The only way out is if you used a spell to escape like dispel or erase to nullify the magic that keeps you in there, or a realm of holding spell to enter the realm of holding.

  • A statue from before the Sun Dragons.

    A large indestructible statue of two Beanus, made by the original Beenu gods before their planet died out.

    The elves tried to destroy, cover it, bury it dozens of time, but it is protected by higher gods magic making it static, much to their annoyance.

    Even the Sun Dragons themselves can't remove this magical statue as it was made with the highest form of magic that exists.
  • temple of the magnificent donut of excellence: a legendary donut that is said to be so exelent and stick around for so long that everything would taste as magnificent as the donut it is stored in a temple to its honor many adventurers have searched for the temple but it has not been found in reality the temple and donut do not exist the donut and the temple originated from a folk tale told through oural tradition instead it’s an alagory about happiness and how you should instead of looking for some golden paradise of it you should get it yourself or as the characters in the story learn too “cool there own food to taste good” but the story eventually over time evolved into fact not fiction
  • Jumbo Jimmy's Cheese.
    A large dwarven child who was brought with his parents who climbed the tower of ultimate wizardry and wished to infinitely produce cheese in his body. This Jimmy is now ever expanding and beginning to turn into cheese. He is currently the size of Cheddar Gorge.
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    The Broken Horizon

    A strange, anomalous area on an island away from (mainly elven) interference where a very close family of telepathically linked Goblins have only begun to tap into dragon magic (being able to cast spells in tandem with their multiple sets of vocal chords).

    These goblins don't realize what they have stumbled upon, only that bizarre things occur when they do this 'special magic.'

    Mainlanders have always seen strange things off the coast towards an island that no one dares to venture to. 
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    The Geyser Lake - The Iron Cloud
    A floating city disguised as a cloud that rests above a lake, and the only way in is to travel by boat. The city is held up by a giant never-ending geyser (also a way to have waves in the world). The geyser lake under the city has giant geysers that you ride up and down in a boat to enter and leave the city.

    EDIT: just saw someone else had a similar idea. xD
  • The Bongos- Two humongous bongos that have an entire city inside both. The citizens are musicians who improv music that matches to the beat when rain strikes the bongos. Even without the citizens, the town itself is a giant symphony. 
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    Really simple. Discovered but Unexplored Ruins
     What if there was a big hole, like a canyon, that obviously has some ancient ruins in it, maybe Beenu maybe something else who knows, but everybody just thinks that it has already been explored but in reality nobody has actually explored it yet.

    People have made a tourist attraction where you can walk around it and view it from scenic angles but, because people have always assumed somebody has explored it and that they shouldn't touch it so they do not break it, nobody has gone deeper inside the ruins than viewing the outside.
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