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Urealms Landmarks - what are yours?



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    The Light
    Not to be confused with the paladin kind. A giant magic ball under the sea that makes 2 hour nights again to make the underwater ageless civilization more utopia like and less dark ocean like. 

    The Mafia Mage Mountain Range
    A series of floating upside down mountains used by a mafia that get around laws by being above the country by levitating above it. They get these mountains by demanding tribute from goblins by threatening to steal the mountains they live in and rat them out.

    The Stronghold
    A neighborhood of forts built by wealthy elves after the birth of magic to try not to die. It has been expanded on a lot since global splitting and the creation of the winter stone.
  • The chain link mountains a series of mountains which form a ruff helix or chain pattern. It is said that somewhere in this range is a treasure or place which can break any link or lock no matter its origin or strength. 
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    Creeping Catacombs
    These underground graves branch out like a maze under the earth. Shortly after the birth of magic these sprawling tombs were built to house the dead. Every expedition seems to map new turns and twists, almost as if someone is still digging it to this day.

    Well Well Well
    This simple looking above ground well seems harmless, but one sip of the water within seems to bring out the worst in even the most kind of souls. If only someone would put up a sign.

    Grannies Grotto
    Everyone's welcome to grandma's house!  No matter the race, no matter the background this kindly old woman looks out for every soul who passes by offering a good nights rest and a damn good meal.


    Tick Tock
    No one but the gnomes know what this large clock tower is doing out here and worse they wont mention what it is even counting down to. Hell it doesn't even have a door. Every single gnome seems to be in on the secret, let see if you can find out.

    Tandem Tracks
    Some race courses are built for betting fortunes, others to train the worlds greatest ramster jockeys for battle. This is not one of those places. Welcome to the Tandem tracks a get away resort for couple. This large country track is made for couples looking to get away. Kallark tried once to  drag Gwyneth here, he was met with a sharp slap to the head after reading the brochure. 

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    Tower Canyon

    A canyon of several hundred guard towers lined along the cliff face.
    At the center of the canyon is a large castle.
  • Lameurs Grand Theater

    A grand theater in which the actors are real people who live completely isolated within their own fictional world (possibly dream world or just an isolated society) and, when the time comes for a performance, actors would take control of characters bodies to tell stories within the fictional world.  Currently, there are rumors that some of the characters are beginning to suspect that they live in a fictional world and the writers are considering writing that into the upcoming performances.  During the plays, the audience is also able to donate gold to influence the show. 
    I hope you like this completely totally 100% original idea.
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    Meatland and The Butcher Council
    While everyone was in chaos and disarray at the concept of death after the birth of magic, there was one group of people who stayed relatively calm. Butchers, butchers had already been surrounded by the death of animals they knew what it was and how it worked so, while upset that they could now die, they were not confused by the concept like most people were. After the initial panic this lead to many butchers being revered for their knowledge on death and becoming societal leaders, they formed The Butcher Council and the city of Meatland where everyone understands death, the city is still thriving to this day.
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    The Mana Flower Field
    An absolute unit of a flower, it seemed to grow and develop with the corruption after the BoM. Like how a sunflower grows closer to the sun, the Mana Flower grows closer to larger sources of magic. The Field itself is within the magical scar, and is a sign of life after much death. Like poppies.

    The Daddy of all Lacerators
    There are many mommy lacerators,  non-sentient invasive plant species which rip up gardens and earth. However, the is one huge Daddy Lacerator, who is said to have grown massivley in size since the BoM, and absorbs it's nutrients from the Magical Scar/A Manabomb which hasn't exploded yet. 

    The LAG
    The Large Ass Grass, is an area other the south of the cheese where sometime after the birth of magic, a gardener with an affinity for the Enlarge Spell's magic went haywire, enlarging the grass seeds they were planting. This resulted in the area having grass taller than trees, and everything but the grass being miniature in comparison. This grass is said to have engorgification properties for those who need a little extra.

    A Giant Mana Flower
    Not too much special about this landmark beyond how huge the flower is. It grew near the worst of the manadiation, and it constantly has its head drooped as though it's pointing downards, like it is the biggest power source like the chad of a flower it is. Unless Spirit-Sun Kallisto floats by, then it raises its head. No one knows when this flower will fully bloom. 
  • The SSWCG
    Secret Service Window Cleaner Gnomes.
    A gnomish orginisation based in all the major cities, designed to clean the windows of all elves within major cities in a clean and eifficent manner. Examples may include jetpacks, high pressurised water cannons, buckets, soap guns, and other wacky and experimental equipment. But they do it discreetley. You hardly ever see a SSWCG. 
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    I know the magical scar is where a mana bomb would have gone off, but what if there was a town like Chernobyl on the outskirts of it. Not everything was vaporized from the bomb, but it left something similar to radiation behind. You could have mutated creatures in a campaign with it as well if you chose to do one there.
  • The Heaps
    A city that was once prospering with trade and technology, the heaps and it citizens became cursed by the old gods to be eternally sinking into the ground over time. The people, realizing the predicament, begin to build higher and higher to avoid being sucked in. Those who are powerful tend to live towards the top while the poor and unfortunate grovel at the bottom, fighting to survive being sucked in. Those who enter the town are unable to leave through normal or magical means, unless the old god curse doesn't affect them.
  • Swamp of Illusions
    A average looking swamp, but there is a hallucinogenic mist that is generated within the swamp causes many different confusing illusions. Everything does not appear as it should be. Party members could look different within the swamp, and the wildlife looks more menacing than it actually is. IT is basically a LSD swamp. Many travelers end up killing their own friends out of confusion. Home to many a Funk and Ytt. 
  • The Compound
    A huge stadium area that is used for events such as Battle of the Bards, Gladiator events, Animal fighting, huge parties, etc.
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    the divine valley. A valley which someone once saw from above and said looked like the sun god and has become a religious site despite looking nothing like the sun god but people still bring objects they think hold the image of the divines         thee edge a city which has a endless waterfall which falls down into a seemingly endless pit            the mouse hole mountain a mountain  that is covered in a series of small caves which is used as the hideout of a group of bandits know as the sneaky bandits 
  • Tortilla- A colossal catapult turtle that roams the land with a city of gnomes living on it's back. Though the gnomes feel at peace and enjoy the vantage point and mobile city, Tortilla will fling the entire city away if it feels like the gnomes aren't respecting it.
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    What about some floating land masses on the other side of the world (where the Giant Titanium Greatsword will eventually pierce). Something along the lines of the magnetism or magic of the sword repelling the land on the other side, creating some floating land masses?
  • An old bennu city that was out of power (Solar?) until the dragons rejuvenated the planet, during the Birth of Magic, some immortal elves were exploring, but once they gained mortality they become trapped by the cities defenses. They've been separated from other elves ever since. 

    No living bennu are there because they couldn't get back in without being oblitierated.
  • A giant god who wanted to get a good vantage point to basically play wheres waldo with space. The gods trust him since he ascended and is kind . Phanto and Callisto just worked around him once he showed up. He does absolutely nothing but stare, magic and gravity don't work on him. No one can talk to him cause they can't make a sound loud enough. 
  • The Piggy Bank
    A bank that is operated and fully owned by Porcs. It is a place to store pocket change for an adventurer, but don't put too much in otherwise the Porcs could lose track and you lose all your money since the Porcs don't do maths well.
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    The Kritz
    A large cracker-like mountain range, which strecthes from salty sea yogurht lake to ??? past the cheese wheel. It has lots of cracker-like holes and bumps because kobolds keep eating it because it's tasty. Also edible to non-kobolds (poisonous to beenu). Natural Phenomenon. There is a point where the Mountain range is intercepted by the cheesewheel, which also goes past the wine river. So Winchester has Crackers, Wine and Cheese. 

    A Picture-perfect postcard of a purple river, two large /\ like mountains and a giant groove. 

    Maybe have a bridge between two of The Kritz mountains near winchester, as a nature walk or something. 

    Mountains are the last thing i feel urealms needs to add to its world bulding. You can never have too many mountains. 
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    The Moulden Forge
    On the North Side of the Cheese, some Dwarves decided to dig straight down, which you really shouldn't do because there's lava. However because there's low gravity, the lava went straight up the hole the dwarves dug. So there was this big great lava spout, and the dwarves ended up making that into a giant big ass forge. The forge is huge, as they use the lava to help build the forge. The city attached to it could be a giant stonework/iron dwarven place. They keep making it bigger and more impressive because there's too much lava. 

    Moulders - Molten Moles, as big as boulders? Live near the lava, cave race that lives near volcanos. Would probally be post birth of magic, maybe got corrupted with the stone after phanto had an oopsie. 
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    The White Hourglass Desert
    White desert dunes with pyramids and other Egyptian inspired buildings. There are frequent "Sandstorms of the Forgotten" which will disappear/consume any structure and being which are not made from White Hourglass Sandstone. People consumed by the Sandstorms will randomly be reborn out of the White Sandstone after an undetermined amount of time. (Years of Centuries) Mighty Warriors might voluntarily be consumed by the Sandstorms to become immune to time magic or to attempt to skip service. In the middle of the dessert their are a library were Sandstone People have written down their experiences from the time before they were reborn. Ageless beings will have their skull turned to sand and be destroyed/killed, which makes The White Hourglass Desert as one of the few zones in the world which ageless can not enter. (Sandstone Beings are similar to ageless beings in that they dont need to eat or drink to survive, however they can't survive in water for longer periods of time and preserve their souls)

    The Molten Citadel
    A giant fortress created to stop hostile invasions from invading the elven heartland (maybe from Two-headed Ogres). The main resource of the citadel is the pool of Dragon Gold which is contained inside the Citadel. The Citadel is heavy guarded with many high ranking fire mages. If the Citadel is ever in risk of being taken, the Dragon Gold can be ignited to create a gigantic explosion close to the size of a nuclear blast, destroying the citadel, the garrison and the hostile army invading. The Molten Citadel serves as the bastion against the winter stone.

    The Eternal Mountain 
    A mountain which preserve all living beings which visits it. The mountain creates "illusion" clones of all visitors, these "illusions" have the morals and memories of the original person and wander around the mountain. These properties comes from the age of the Bennu and therefor Bennu "illusions" wander around the mountain. The illusions can only communicate with other illusions and will not interact or acknowledge living characters. Elves will sometimes visit these mountains to see their loved ones they lost during the Birth of Magic.

    Fortress Hourglass
    A gigantic fortress built on top of an magical anomaly which speeds up time for anyone inside it. One hour inside the anomaly equals to a second outside. Most elves consider it the most defended structure in the Realm since any great army entering the anomaly will attack it in intervals of an hour. The Elven Government have thankfully supplied all the garrison with wast amount of Dragon Silver since it contains various amounts of dangerous artifacts including a Nader Gem which contains someone of massive importance. 

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    Happy Town: nothing sinister ever happens in happy town no insane cultists no underground mind control machines no old god technology of mass destruction no serial killers no paranormal activity just a minning and fishing town nearly everyone is happy in happy town other than the mayor he seems quite sad all the time the town gets a lot of tourism becuase of its perfection a lot of people move in but it doesnt seem like there are many people living there the town was founded by a cult and the cult 5 but years equivalent later they committed mass suicide because of course they did and a big group of bandits moved in and were promptly found out by the law there was a big shootout and not a single bandit or policeman survived a long time later a group of people moved in from a different town fed up with there over taxing mayor (*cough cough* Morton *cough cough*) and luckily (or unluckily) for them they just so happend to stumble upon a empty town and settled there nowdays there are a bunch of rumors floating around about murders paranormal stuff and the like so a bunch of wanabe gost busters come to investigate and they find nothing becuase there was no spooky conspiracy or watever its just a normal ass town with a messed up past people who move in figure out quikly that the town isnt as perfect as it seems and move out sooner or later it gets a lot of tourism not becuase its "so perfect" it gets it becuase of its past nowdays at least nothing sinister ever happens happy town
  • Statue of nobody knows: the statue is anchient and before the birth of magic nobody knows who built it the statue looks vaugly like a walrus those who see it forget everything about the history of locations they know off and there knowlege is replaced with the words "the [location] is anchient and before the birth of magic nobody knows who built it" the elves for obviuos reasons dont let anyone near it and there are many conspiracies about what the elves are hiding and it has been nicknamed "area 15" nobody thought about asking the gnomes what to do covering things up with blankets is suprisingly effective 
  • Half existing town: a filler town only mentioned in lore streams and behind the scenes the town will exist and everyone will remember it after a character mentions it the town stops existing when the campaign ends and everyone will forget about it the town will someday reach a state of half existence

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    the statue of the guy we all know: a glorius statue dedicated to the guy we all know and love i dont even have to say his name he needs no introduction you know who he is i dont know his name but im sure you do 

    wait you dont?

    im going to ask my friend about this one sec

    yea no he doesnt know his name eather does anyone know his name? im spooked
  • Riveridge: A town built at the meeting point of The 16 Rivers, Riveridge is a well known trading hub run by the Brilliant Mayor. The Mayor is a Porc who is a fool most of the time, but when in his office he is a master politician. His (adopted) elven daughter may also be dipping into evil magics.
  • The Cracker Box
    A Cowfrog grew so large, it became a problem. When it came to slay the beast, their weapons couldn't pierce the many cells the cowfrog had grown. Their magic didn't pierce it. So instead, they trapped it in a giant box made up of crackers, which due to a complicated biological process, stunts the cowfrogs growth. So a giant, city sized box jumps around the world, ribbiting. However it is made up of crackers, so the cowfrog still lives. 
  • The Floating Wool
    After a sheep was hit by a permanent Levitate and continued to rose, it eventually grew enough to be mistaken for a cloud. After being hit once in a while by lightning, it will not hesitate to fart or defecate electric beams that are 200% stronger than the actual strength of a single bolt. There might be a way to determine whether it's a cloud or not, but some people don't really know of its existence

  • Bonehenge 
    The cite of an ancient ageless/elf battle, where giant bones in a circle are the only landmarks left in the wake of war.
    Arena by the Bey
    An large arena on an axis, which is wound up by a giant rope. The arena is then spun like a giant carousel, while the combatants fight not only each other, but the dizziness.
    Vape City
    A cloud city in the sky inhabited by gnomes and keen. They build their homes and buildings out of clouds of smoke made from their sick vape pens.
    Chunk Error
    A kilometer squared, square, hole that is just in the ground. Entering the air above the hole either throws the person out, or they fall endlessly into the abyss.
    Bog with a Blog
    A sentient bog surrounding the world tree. This bog runs services to provide information on the World Tree's well being. Anyone who tries to enter must subscribe or become a patron to the bog.
  • swammie Swamp
    A fairly small ordinary lake that was turned into the world's largest swammie hatchery. However the ranchers(breeders? Insert correct terminology here) got high on their own supply, and productivity ground to a halt. The swammie population got out of control since they had no natural predators in the lake. Over time the whole lake turned extremely Dank and swamp-like from the sheer volume of swammies and swammie corpses in the water. The lake is so dank that being within a kilometer radius(or measurement unit of choice) causes anyone to become high and unproductive.
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