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Goodbye Justin, you shall be missed.

Sad to see Justin leaving Urleams, but I hope he finds success in whatever he is pursuing. Here's to the future.


  • Rob stated that Justin is no longer interested in recording with him, does this only mean URealms or everything? Seeing their streams i see they are into different tastes but Rob quickly glossed over the topic with little to no elaboration. Anyone know the story better?
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    It's sad to see such a major player leave, but i have lost quite a bit of respect for Justin after viewing his twitter. I'm not going to elaborate due to the no-politics rule.

    Also, i didn't know he was quitting. Can you elaborate a bit more on why? was there some sort of falling out that i'm not aware of?
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    @PurpleDynamite We cant elaborate, Rob glossed over it. It sounded to me like they had a falling out, but honestly I cant tell if that was what Rob was trying to convey. 
  • Let's all certainly not speculate why, guys. Just morn and move on <3
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    Yeah, lets not turn into the Game Grumps community.

    Justin was fun on Urealms, its sad to see him move on. We can mourn and wish him luck in whatever he does next.

    Now whether or not there was a falling-out or some other reason, Rawb didn't tell us, so we should just safely assume its a private matter and not dwell on it or get invasive.
  • Im still frustrated about the Justin stuff. I used to love him on Urealms, he had so many good characters. But now i know that he is an asshole in real life and now quitting Urealms is just disheartening.
  • Not sure why you think he's an asshole because of something he said on twitter. A bit overreacting to judge someones entire character based on some shit they do in the spur of the moment online.
  • I'm just sad that he wishes death on other people online. I always thought he was the nicest of the group, so to see him say stuff like that repeatedly really made me disappointed.
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    It's certainly a complicated thing and I'm sorry that you feel that way about him now. I think it's important to note however that he did keep it out of Urealms for all these years, so I don't think you should think that he isn't a nice person based on something he said on twitter.

    I think your mistake however was in thinking that these people are the same in real life as they are in Urealms, it's a very different setting from a bunch of friends who all like eachother sitting around a table.

    I hope you can at least have good memories of him on the show and wish him well, while also recognizing that he is a person and people have very different outlooks on life, which don't necessarily make them bad people.

    I think it's best we end this train of discussion here now though, before it gets out of hand.
  • I would say the majority of people are like that on twitter :P 
  • Well reading through all that is both enlightening and confusing, i wasnt really asking about a whole story i was more wondering if justin was still on speaking terms with the team. But i suppose.. Not?
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    @MoistForGnomes Well a possibility is that Justin is too busy and Rob does not want the Urealms fans bothering him(Justin) over the decision. 

    We will probably never know. (I say before Justin makes a twitter post about it)
  • I don’t know why people think there was drama, it just seems Justin has a very busy schedule with his streaming and I understand that he’s been doing more tournaments lately. He said as much on Twitter;

    But anyway, it’s really sad to see him go! Justin was always hilarious and I just don’t know if we will ever be able to get the chemistry that the original five had without him :( 
  • @Stuart It's good to see someone posting some concise answers here instead of there being speculation.

    On account of the scheduling this, it does make me a bit concerned with how Urealms is getting more and more elaborate with it's shows and planning. A very different beast than from the early days of season 1 and 2. 
  • @SMS00

    "On account of the scheduling this, it does make me a bit concerned with how Urealms is getting more and more elaborate with it's shows and planning. A very different beast than from the early days of season 1 and 2. "

    that sounds like speculation too me :P 
    I don't think the issue is with how elaborate urealms is rather its just him not knowing if he is going to be playing.

    that's just how I understand it anyways
  • @tsjustAvy
    That second bit was my own thoughts of the direction Urealms has been going and has nothing to do with Justin.
  • Sad he is gone...he has built some of the best lore and characters.....I hope he come back for dead realms and the  new porc city campaign. 

    The downside of being here since the beginning. There is some aspects of the show I miss terribly. 
  • @Stuart thanks for the actual response! 

    @PurpleDynamite you seem upset about politics. Lucky for me anybody can see your dumb rambling and go check my Twitter with their own eyes. If you really can reduce me to a piece of shit over saying things like "lol wish a meteor would fall on this dumb town!" to "oh my God Justin is calling for violence!" then uh.. Yeah. Sorry for offending your side  I won't call you a piece of shit over it though. Just a dummy  
  • @HCJustin legend, good luck and keep makin stuff that you like to  :)
  • @HCJustin goodbye and good luck. You will be missed. 
  • @HCJustin
    Sorry, i shouldn't have said that you were wishing death on people. I realized that i should have worded it differently after posting it.
  • I think my overreaction was due to you not being as friendlg as i had expected you to be, in addition to me not agreeing with your views in the first place.
  • It is definitely a major issue when people idolize people on the internet, without actually knowing anything about them personally. Take it as a way to mature and not make the same mistake twice and you're fine.
  • Damn. i just realized Justin leaving means my hope for a return of Tuesday talk stuff is now gone. :(
  • It seems that Justin has also removed his Buffalo wizards TTT and other Buffalo Wizards videos from his channel
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