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In need of threat/villains for my re-start campaign

I am gonna restart my urealms campaign that i started in 2018, but i would like to not re use the cult of flesh theme i use the first time. I’m also saving the agless for later, so i am in need of some good villain Ideas for this soft rebote, i like threat that i can form the environment around!


  • ( @LexderMob )
    maybe a crazy Divine, forcing the players through challenges for their entertainment? Based on the Divine the challenges could be based on who they are, also they can fly around annoying the players with taunts?
  • Organised crime is always a favourite of mine. Especially because you can have a lot of fun depending on what your characters are, whether they're paladins (Or whatever you choose your police equivalent to be), random travellers that were robbed or kidnapped, people that have betrayed the mob, etc. There is a lot of things you can do with organised criminals, whether you're a player or a DM!
  • One thing i plan on using if i ever do start using my created dnd world is Maruaders, so like behemoth people. Like how mccoy got his arm replaced with a tentacle, a religious group which came from the murky depths to sink continents with the mysterious power of the behemoths. However some are obviously more affected than Mccoy, and look a bit more grotesque. This is probally better if you're world has more islands/water, but everyone likes pirate ghost stories/pirates!
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    @HulkHogan  yeah maybe it time i took the Mob part of my user name to hart, a crime grupp could work really well with the world i Have pland and it would fit well with a mastermind type character to be part of such a group, i really like that types of villains so think i will go with that idea! could work well as a early threat as well
  • I think a threat like an elvish family that's separated from the nation as a rogue state inciting a mini civil conflict could work. Rogue state leaves; maybe they're influenced by a big bad and the elven families under allegiance that have followed the rogue state are the main bulk of enemies. It could be set in a rather large part of the world, but not too vast as to not be explored. Maps could feature road ways, cities, sewers, or even some alcove in teh distant landscape where some lairs could be found. Players could kill or subdue the elves or kill them leading to different npc reactions and actions to what the party may have done if they happened to be under some sort of mass trance.
  • A trope I often use is technologically advanced robot race infused with the consciences of people who once really lived, but went extinct, and in a last ditch effort to save themselves uploaded their brains essentially to these robot suits. My explanation is they came from underwater and surfaced up recently, perhaps having gone insane. Anyway, there's an idea.
  • idk a revolution maybe?
  • The key Threat you require is with your players. Show off that nothing is wrong and people are being friendly, your players will be suspicious and start causing the trouble for you. When they go off on it, build on it, subtly create and introduce NPCs to "justify" their suspicions, build a small mystery out of it. Have them find and observe locations that seem shifty and then when they "gathered all the clues" you reveal the villain they ended up creating for you, or throw them in jail/kill them with guards because they may just be the villains themselves. But hey to each their own. Good Luck out there.
  • thanks for all the good ideas, i will write some of these down to use in the future, wi'll probably be plenty useful to have for the story some time
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