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Question About the Livestream

:3 I'm very sorry if I'm wasting ya time. But I Just recently finished watching all the seasons and have a few questions about the live stream, since now I'm interested and want to join in on the livestream for the first time for the 4th Season. 
1. How do voting works in the stream? Do we have to pay like the events or do we type something similar to TwitchPokemon?
2. Im sure i just go to episodes zero to find this out but just want to ask. What General time does the stream start?
3. When are ya likely starting fourth season? ( So I can prepare for it)
4. Hows ya year so far?  ~_~


  • 1. By voting I'm assuming you mean divine decisions? If so, then during that point on the stream (if you're on the website) the choice pops up.
    2. I can't answer that one 100%, but usually between 2pm - 4pm (GMT, and from my vague memory) so I'd suggest converting that into your time-zone.
    3. I don't recall any dates or fourth season but it'll probably be later this year. I'd guess at least 5 months (although this is pure guessing).
    4. Pretty alright.
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    1: The divine decisions that happen during the main urealms stream are accessed by going to the official stream page (from the home tab on the website) and clicking an icon in the top right (which I believe says "decide"). Your voting power there is decided by your level on this website.
    2:The main urealms and deadrealms streams start at 18:00 GMT (+0/ Great Britain).
    3: I believe there will be a deadrealms in January (last Saturday of the month is usual), meaning there might be a normal urealms show in February. However I expect it will take longer (2-4 months) before the normal urealms shows (which would be S4) start again as we also still need to have the old god divine creation stream which I expect to be before S4.
    4: Pretty good until now.

  • 1. has been answered pretty well already.
    2. same as 1
    3. can confirm there will be a deadrealms on the 26th. ( )
    4. great, thanks for asking
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