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Niki's weapon card workshop (All Travelers welcome)

Turns on the forge

Hello and welcome to my smithy/workshop/whatever.
Im going to be making some weapons just for the heck of it.
If you have a character and would like to equip them with an interesting and unique weapon. Or just wanna make some cards for later use. You may like what i have to offer.

All weapons are forged per request. The only expense is your time. and your soul
Im very willing to sit down with basically anyone and discuss the details of the weapon.
You are free to submit as much info as you want for it. Tho i am contractually allowed to take as many liberties with my work as i want. I am an artist after all
Weapons in progress:
@Revoltman 's pot puppy weapon

Completed weapons:
Also none

Image result for hammer and anvil
(Me working very hard at a metallic croissant)

Sample weapon (Not for sale):


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