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When will the DvZ servers officially shutdown?

I keep hearing from everyone else that the server shutdown is imminent, but I have seen nothing from Rob about an exact date or even its shutdown. Is Rob purposely keeping the date a secret? Thanks for any clarification.


  • Just gonna clarify this isn't any sort of official statement or anything. But as I understand it rob has stopped paying the operational costs of both DVZ and LOM and he no longer has any control over how long they stay open. Basically just waiting for whatever server hosting platform he uses to remove their support. So could be any day now.

  • ^ feel free to correct me
  • That is correct as far as I'm aware. Basically Rob mentioned that he doesn't want an absolute final date that is publicity known. As people would complain about not being there for the last day.
  • Far enough, I just want to be able to lose Dwarves Vs Zombies one last time.
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