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Looking for a specific DvZ map

Hello everyone,
This is my first time posting on this forum despite being a fan of Rob's for a few number of years, partially because of the inevitable shutdown of the DvZ server and my desire to relive a nostalgia trip. I'm asking if anyone knows of an old DvZ map that Nisovin ran as a prototype map once but never added to the regular rotation. To my memory it was called "Hollow/Holy Hills" and featured the first few shrines in a forest, afterwards the Dwarves had to defend two tunnels through the mountain, ending at a final shrine on top of a large hill for an uphill battle for the monsters. I recall it as one of my longer lasting games in the newer version of DvZ, and what has stayed in my mind since playing it was near the end of the battle. 
The Bopen doom event had triggered turning all the monsters into pirates, and they had the final uphill segment to over come. I was on the Dwarve's side till the end and saw them march up the hill, and with their added jump boost I imagine it was rather awkward for them, but when I saw it I felt as if though the ghosts where not just jumping to get up the hill quicker but almost dancing as they climbed, like they were reveling in their attack on the Dwarves. Its the recapturing of this image I hope to find again with the map.
Thanks to all who read this and any who could help.


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