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  • After a few days, word had reached Final Talon; the Sandbold mission to take Thor had failed, and the Murder Bros had been slain. Queen Arty, sitting upon her mechanical throne, gritting her sharp bottom teeth, and clutching on her two Ankhs, is stewing in her anger, about to yell at the Triumvirate who are before her. Tien and Varik are just kind of standing there, worried and waiting for the yelling, while Talee looks upset.

    "So," Queen Arty says, holding back anger, "You mean to tell me, of the 180 Sandbolds, we sent to Mt. Triton, only about 31 came back?" She puts her pointer and middle finger from her third hand on her head, clearly getting a head ache.

    "Y-yes, your Highness," Tien says with hesitation. "W-we weren't expecting them to have such powerful warriors, you see, a-"

    "Silence!" The Queen yells, raising her fourth arm to shut them up. "You three have failed me! Your pupils have failed me even worse! You displease both me and Phanto!"

    "Forgive us, your Highness!" Tien says, falling to his knees. "We never confronted such a force before!"

    "No, you have not. Neither did Makal, nor Ven, nor McCarrot, n-"

    "Oh, McCarrot!" Talee says, starting to cry.

    "Talee," Varik says, clearly pissed at Talee's crying, "We've been over this. You and McCarrot were never going to happen. The bastard preferred shit over you!"

    "Enough! Your Queen is speaking! Keep your petty arguments to your own court while I talk!" She says standing up.

    "Sorry, your Highness," both Talee and Varik say in unison, Talee trying to regain her composure.

    "If it weren't for all your years of servitude to me and my family, I would send you all to the Gallows for your incompetence! ... But Tien's words are true, and with the loss of so many of our kind, I can't afford to lose more. One more failure like this and I will have your heads! But for now, you are all dismissed."

    "Yes, my Queen; thank you, my Queen; Phanto be praised!" Tien says as they leave.

    "Phanto be praised!" The Queen yells.

    When the Triumvirate leaves, the Queen sits tapping her fingers on the chair, mad and wondering what her next plan of action will be. Then a voice echoes "Typical. What should I have expected from sub creatures like yourself?"

    The Queen looks to her side. "Is that any way to talk to the Queen of the Sandbolds?" She yells.

    A gust of wind blows on the Queen's side, and out of the gust, appears Lyn Azveltara. "You better watch your tongue, Wolf; you are dealing with the Eye of the Realm, after all."

    "Yes yes," The Queen says defeated. "I assume you've heard of our... setback?"

    "Setback? It was a slaughter. Your forces couldn't even get Children out of a Mountain, for Thor's Sake! And now those Damned things are joining the Grand Paladin Order. They're just going to ruin everything we Elves worked so hard to achieve!"

    "It was a temporary setback. Obviously this is a test by Phanto to prove our will and resolve."

    "Yeah, Phanto didn't do shit for you; I did."

    "You did it because it was Phanto's will."

    "... Whatever rocks your boat. But now I've come back for what's mine."

    "You're talking of the Sword, right?"

    "Yes," Lynn says annoyed. "Just give it back, so I don't have to deal with you Wolves anymore."

    "Unfortunately, it was lost in the Battle. I do not have it anymore."

    "What?!" Lynn yells. "That Sword belongs to me!"

    "You let us borrow it, which was a part of Phanto's will. You losing it is also a part of Phanto's w-"

    "Enough about Phanto's Damned Will!" Lynn yells.

    "Do not speak ill of Phanto, Elf!" Arty yells back in anger.

    Lynn sighs. "Whatever. I'm leaving. I'll get the Sword back one way or the other." And in a flash of wind, Lynn vanishes. Leaving Arty all alone, to sit and stew, about this failure...

    The End.

  • I want to thank all of our players; @Jj_TeRroR_jJ, @Firelie, @Rein, @Maris, @TinyBomby, @Loreteck, @Toruk, @bl1ndn3rd, @WritingWyvern and @Pufflemore, for playing this game (to varying lengths of time). I also want to thank @Nicksternick and @Femmipoo for providing the Art for the Characters this Campaign, especially @Nicksternick, who's Tumblr is right here. Lastly, I want to Congratulate @pyrokage for winning the Divine Decision. Unfortunately, he has not responded to me at all, so he has not gotten his reward yet. Next time, we shall be playing The Knights Who Say Yis.

    Until then!
  • Yay!!! 
    This was really fun, thanks Frisky!!!
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