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  • @friskyBrisky "its not their fault they are like that, their unfortunant circumstances led them to be this way" *Mhifu pipes up after being quiet for a little bit
  • @friskyBrisky
    He frowns"redemption for anyone is possible, just takes more time for some then others and I would reframe you from calling them physcopaths, they are victims too you know, they were stolen from homes and abused by the sandbolds, you know this" he looks over chimera "but right now, what ales me is that of there unnatural deaths."
  • @Rein  ;@friskyBrisky ;
    He nods to minfu"Thank you do you know anything about these children, master minfu?"
  • @Loreteck "well while we are fighting them i took the time to look into the big ones soul, i gained insight into his life, its quite a tragic one i must say" *he then relays the Espionage information to the party
  • @Rein  ;@friskyBrisky ;
    After listening to the Espionage information, looks at Jhon"A village that was destroyed by dwarfven raiders that cost there family, when did I hear that before. You minding telling the group and especially that young girl over there the story of how you first meet the knight order."
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    @Rein @Loreteck John, feeling bad and shamed, says "I'm sorry for my inappropriate comments. I clearly should not have judged these kids as harshly as I did, especially considering the circumstances." He looks down.

    Zan says "Well, we all make mistakes, John. The important thing is to learn and grow from them."
  • @Loreteck @Rein @friskyBrisky “The dead can be revived. And souls can be purified. The concept of this magic is not foreign to me, merely I need to be able to channel my magic in these ones that have fallen. And in the name of Phanto and the Pure Sandbolds.. there is chance they are saved”
  • @Toruk @Rein @friskyBrisky ;
    For the first time ever, drake looks and speaks to you with respect "do you think you can do it for both or is it a one and done situation?"
  • @Loreteck “Both. It is magic that heals the soul, which heals the body”
  • @Toruk  ;@Rein  ;@friskyBrisky ;
    "Then do it. There's plenty of pointless death and tragic death today, this can fix it a little but a little is all we need."
  • @Loreteck “There lies the issue. The magic is mostly used to the healing of one’s own soul. I would need a way to channel it in their bodies”
  • @Toruk
    "What catalyst would you need?"
  • @Loreteck “The catalyst to allow direct connection to one’s body and soul. I am unsure if I can channel it via my scythe.”
  • annddddd gtg for a bi
  • @Toruk @Loreteck @Rein Zan isn't so sure about resurrecting the dead, due to his Arcane leanings. "I'm not so sure it's a good idea to bring them back, not because they can't be redeemed," Zan says, "but because they're finally at peace. They will be judged in Hel and sent to places they can rest, where they will no longer know anger or hatred or sadness. It might be for the best to let them rest, not bring them back and allow them to suffer in the short term..."
  • @friskyBrisky ;@Loreteck ;@Toruk ;@Rein ;
    ”And whos to say they will listen to reason if brought back? Those children killed Arlene in cold blood. They wouldve done it to anyone of us.”
  • @bl1ndn3rd “Because their soul wanders aimlessly with how they died and why they died. I real souls so they may be redeemed by Phanto when they wake once more.”
  • @friskyBrisky "What kind of stupid..." Cyastra mumbles, unsure how to feel.
    They check Maelstrom's body to see if he had anything important on him beside the sword Chimera took already and also seeing if that final blow was fatal. 
  • @Toruk ;
    Okami sighs.
    ”Do whatever you must.”

    Okami kneels down next to Arlene, and takes the Axe that is still in her back out.
    She then closes Arlene’s eyes and mutters a small prayer to the gods.
    for that, though it shouldnt really matter

  • @Maris Cyrasta also feels Maelstrom's body, and doesn't feel any signs of life. In fact, the body is starting to get cold. Other then a pair of pants, Maelstrom has nothing else of value on him. (You can take the Pants, but they're worthless.)

    @bl1ndn3rd Okami kneels down, next to Arlene. She takes the axe out of her back, and rests her eyes.

    As she does, however, a sudden flash of light appears over her corpse. In an instance, the Ghost of Arlene is standing on top of her corpse.

    (@Pufflemore, @Toruk, @Loreteck, @Rein)
    "Everyone, I'm back to help take care of... !" The Ghost says, before realizing she's near Chimera and Maelstrom's corpses, and the Captured Empussa. "... Oh... You've already taken care of everything..." She says, a little disappointed.
  • @friskyBrisky ;
    Okami jumps up and almost hugs her before realizing shes a ghost.
    ”Err...Yeah we mostly took care of everything...”
  • @bl1ndn3rd "That's, good," Arlene says, trying to hide her disappointment. "W-well, it's a good thing you all took care of this mess..."
  • @friskyBrisky
    "Arlene how long do you have left existing on this mortal coil?"
  • @Loreteck "Not long, actually," Arlene said, "I-it was really hard to argue with Layla a-about coming back here... I-I just wanted to help..."

    (@Rein, @Pufflemore, @Maris, @Toruk, @bl1ndn3rd)
    It is at this moment that Anne and an entorage of Kobolds comes into the room.

    "Like, we've taken care of the Sandbold assault," Anne says, panting a bit. "Everything good in here, guys?"
  • @friskyBrisky ;
    ”Im guessing...theres no way to bring you back?”
  • @friskyBrisky "No.. things are not well any more Lady Anne"
  • @bl1ndn3rd "I-I mean, if one of you have G-Greater Lay on Hands o-or something..."

    @Toruk "What's the sitch?" She asks curiously.
  • @friskyBrisky Cyastra will jump in surprise and try to hug the ghost.
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    @Maris Cyrasta, happy to see Arlene back, runs and hugs the Ghost... Only to fall through her. "B-be careful, Cyrasta!" Arlene says, not really moving.
  • @friskyBrisky Cyastra doesn't understand.
    "Y-You're back! I was so worried!"
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