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  • @friskyBrisky ;
    oh shit okay if this urealms knowledge I can do this 

  • @friskyBrisky ;
    Wait that’s easy. It’s a Disgraced Highbear, a lowbear, right?
    Still higher than mortals, but disgraced from his fellow Highbears

  • @bl1ndn3rd (Wow you actually got it. :p )

    Squire yells out "Lowbear!" Shadow Okami nods. "Correct, my Squire. A+."

    Squire blinks and he's back in reality. For some reason, he feels really good about what he just did.

    (So Squire is going to get his Legendary in a moment. :p )
  • @friskyBrisky *i guess ill just sneak over and Back whack a sandbold and Schrodinger's everyone* 
  • @friskyBrisky ;
    Okay Okami is going to back up to Lady Anne.
    ”Defend yourself, my lady.”
    and use teacher to teach her En Garde just cause for no reason, no roll needed
    and then use her last two actions to attack surviving sandbold

  • edited February 2019
    @friskyBrisky My squire is gonna go sucker punch the nearest sandbold that is not me 

    And another one knocked out
  • @friskyBrisky ;
    I'll still be watching around here (and sort of the forums), but I cannot feel comfortable participating in any future threads. This also means that I won't be able to feel comfortable RPing as my characters for alternative reasons ontop of that. And that results in my character here devolving into a level which I do not feel I can do without hurting things further.

    All that I would end up doing is shooting stuff with a rocket launcher and activating my book once a decent chance arises. I'm one of the weaker players here, so losing my actions isn't a big deal either.

    I wouldn't end up interacting with my squire, nor would I even interact with most of the players or even NPCs (I didn't even talk to or get mentioned by Anne when we started this act after all, this was also an issue before now.). I'd basically be a robot who just decides what actions are taken and rolling.

    That's all it would end up being. And at that point, you may as well control him as an NPC then.

    I know you'd want me to finish all the way, but with what i've done in another thread, I don't feel comfortable staying around due to the idea that me just being here will ruin things for everyone else, regardless of what they will tell me otherwise.

    Hell, I probably shouldn't even be sharing this either since doing this craps on the mood of this thread too, but I should at least make it known that i'm not going to be around to interact anymore as a whole.

    I'm sorry that i've had to do this to you, but I just don't want to be around anymore, and that means abandoning this campaign.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ (I completely understand. There's no hard feelings about this. Honestly, I should've given you more damage. Here's hoping you the best of luck, and thanks for playing.)

    @Rein Mhifu sneaks up on a Sandbold and slams them in the head with his Nunchucks, dealing 6 Damage to all Sandbolds on the Battlefield.

    @bl1ndn3rd Lady Anne declines the En Garde. "Thanks, but, like, I don't need help here!" She says to Okami. "You take care of these ass holes!"

    Okami moves to the nearest Sandbold and Attacks them twice, dealing 60 Damage to them.

    @Toruk Ajal's Squire Sucker Punches a Sandbold in the head, again knocking them out.
  • edited February 2019
    Anne is going to summon, then throw, two more balls of energy at two Sandbolds. | Both Energy Balls successfully hit 2 Sandbolds, forcing 2 Death Rolls.

    Arlene's law ends, and she's going to cast a new Law of the Land. "A-alright, n-no Running!" Arlene says.
  • edited February 2019

    One Sandbold dies, but the other one lives.
  • edited February 2019
    Zan's Squire and Ramster are going to Attack a Sandbold together. |

    Both hits are successful, dealing 13 Damage to a Sandbold.

    (@bl1ndn3rd Do you want Squire to Vomit on a Sandbold? :p )
  • edited February 2019
    Finally, Arlene and the 2 Kobold Guards are going to Shoot at the Sandbolds.

    2 Arrows hit, but one misses, dealing 8 Damage to one Sandbold.

  • @friskyBrisky ;
    heck yeah.
    Squire is gonna vom on a sandbold
    what great thing is about to happen

  • @friskyBrisky ;
  • @Pufflemore @Toruk (Not yet guys. The only reason I bring up Squire needing to do something is because he still has actions this round. It's not a new Round yet. :p )

    @bl1ndn3rd Squire vomits on the Sandbold directly near him, dealing 17 Damage to him. (Not yet, but he'll get something cool by Sunday I think. ;) )

    (I'll post for the Enemies in the morning. I think this Combat is basically gonna end here.)
  • edited February 2019
    (Alright, right before Enemies turn.)

    @Pufflemore The Sandbold Ivy is still holding on to is now forced to Death Roll. (I believe this is a 1-4 Death Roll?) The Sandbold lives, again.

    @bl1ndn3rd Okami's Martyr now ends, and since she survived, she Rolls for her Legendary 3 times. (As does @Pufflemore and Zan.)
  • (Alright, @Pufflemore you now have to give 2 people their Legendaries. Zan is going to give their Legendary to @Maris.)
  • edited February 2019
    (Heyyyyy, bud. Ya feeling nice to Aal :p @Pufflemore )
  • @Toruk you get a legendary 

    who still needs one? 
  • @Pufflemore  ;@friskyBrisky ;
    I can have one.....for my robot if no one takes it.
  • @Pufflemore (The 3 new Squires, the 2 Robots, Jimmy and Arlene. All the Players now have their Legendaries, and Anne doesn't need one right now. :p )

    @Toruk (With everyone having their Legendaries before the Final Encounter, I won't feel bad about going for kills. :evilsmile: )
  • @friskyBrisky
    Arlene is the Queen right? If so she is getting one
  • @friskyBrisky (You know for a fact I am, doing my best to prevent any from running)
  • @Pufflemore (Anne is the Queen; Arlene is the Kobold lady with 2 Eyepatches and monocles, who's been in charge of the Stonequisition.)

    @Toruk (Believe me, the Murder Bros. ain't going to run away. :p )
  • @friskyBrisky (I see. Then I guess I just gotta kill em faster with my legendary that will appear one day)
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