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  • @friskyBrisky
    Slightly confused what happened at the bottom of that first post aside from damage, but I only commanded my Companions there, so I should still be at... 4? Actions.

    Anyways, a view of the map'll be helpful to know what's going on.
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    (3 Sandbolds now have their freakin' Legendaries. :p )

    2 Sandbold's die, and 2 Sandbolds live. The Sandbold that Rolled a Critical Success is going to cast custom card on Drake (@Loreteck).
  • @friskyBrisky ;
    (Are legendary sandbolds worth more gold if we kill them) 
  • @friskyBrisky Alright, well Cyastra is going to hit 3 nearby sandbolds that are looking weaker attempting to finish them off, but they'll save their last action in case they need to use Blockade.
  • @bl1ndn3rd (Absolutely! Double Gold. And I will calculate your new Gold in one Second. :p )


    @Jj_TeRroR_jJ (Yes, you have all of your Actions. Here is the Current map:
  • @Loreteck (And Drake's gone fuckin' Insane. :p )

    The Terrorize Mind succeeds, and Drake is now insane. (Give me his worst fear. Cause that is what you're surrounded by, now.)
  • @bl1ndn3rd (Man, Drake is weak to Seers/Dreamweavers. And @Maris can't Purify him on a 20, at least not this round. :p )
  • @friskyBrisky Cyastra will certainly try when they can
  • @friskyBrisky
    (He hates now the room is full of them...also what's insane and don't tell me It's permanent)
  • @Loreteck ;
    (Anti Party, you are your own party.  attack nearest target always. Not permanent but probably lasts a bit since it was on a 20.)
  • @friskyBrisky
    Since i'm not directly with Lore there, i'm going to move to underneath Glasses.

    Then i'm gonna Wuxing Strike him, and fire one rocket to hit just behind the line of Sandbolds, so that 3 Sandbolds and the Large Sandbold (Who I believe could potentially be a remade version of Trey from Cave-in after he was found to be a sinner, which is a bit of a long stretch.) all get hit by it.

    Wuxing Strike:
    Rocket Launcher Basic Attack [32 Damage per target]:
  • @Loreteck (Makes you Anti Party and you always go for the nearest target, like what @bl1ndn3rd Says. Technically @Maris can purify it, it just counts as a Status Effect. But on a 20, you've got one round to be Anti Everybody. :p )

    Drake sees the Room beginning to fill with those accursed Spiders. Realizing he's surrounded, he suddenly regains his strength, and regains his 3 Actions.

    In reality, everything is normal, and the Sandbold that has made Drake go insane is chuckling at her prowess.
  • Shit I’m right behind him
  • @friskyBrisky Oh, well have them do it if Lore is nearby! Cyastra still has one action
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    Maybe I'll roll double 20s
  • @friskyBrisky
    "Fucken siddddxerszss" he says in a wild trance basic attacking infornt of him hiring the Sandbold, then behind him at blind then near his side at maris we go
    Sandbold basic attck: 
    Blind basic attck: 
    Maris basic attck: 
  • @friskyBrisky “He was once a good friend of mine before he became impure like the rest of you. I must find him, so ouy of my way” *Asier striking this glasses bold again 
  • @Loreteck (Well, in a way that's lucky. :p )

    Drake, insane and wild, starts basic attacking everyone, with the Sandbold that drove her insane. The Sandbold's going to try to dodge. (On Double 20's, I say she has the right to. :p )

    Then Drake attempts to Basic Attack Okami (@bl1ndn3rd). As he goes for it, however, Cyrasta (@Maris) slaps him on the back of the head, knocking him out for this round of combat. (I'll let you get out of the Insanity when you wake up next Round. :p )

    @Toruk Glasses Sandbold is going to take this Attack, and takes 13 Damage.

    "Huh, you know you seemed familler..." The Sandbold Snaps. "I got it! Yer Peter!"
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ (Actually, you are right in way: This is Trey from 'Cave In Truce', but not after the events of the 'Cave In Truce'.)

    Zan moves in front of the Glasses Sandbold, and, mimicing a custom card, attempts to deal 32 Damage to the Glasses Sandbold. The Glasses Sandbold will try to dodge.

    Then Zan uses his Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher, shoots the ground, forcing that entire line of Sandbolds to fly back towards the Eyepatched Sandbold. He then shoots at them, dealing 64 Damage to all the Sandbolds. For some reason, probably the Random Spell, the Explosion sort of orbs around the Eyepatch Sandbold, and he takes no Damage from this. All the Sandbolds have to Death Roll. (And you still have 3 Actions. :p )
  • @friskyBrisky
    Well she still got hit by it...Also she can't dodge since she is still frozen but I think double twentys nuffy that. Speaking of being frozen she has to death roll again.
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    @Loreteck (Sorry, my internet's been pretty bad today.)

    Drake, before he gets knocked out, still ends up hitting the Seer Sandbold, who now has to Brutal Death Roll again.


    (6 More Death Rolls)

  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ The Glasses Sandbold is able to dodge. All of these other Sandbold lives, with one even eating part of the explosions as they hit him (Yes, Kobolds can do that). All but one of their Stabilities Drop.
  • @Loreteck Drake, before going unconscious, is able to incidentally kill the Seer Sandbold by decapitating her. In his Insane state, he thought he successfully killed a Spider in one blow.
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    Seeing the effectiveness of the attack on everyone except Trey (Who he doesn't know), He then lets loose a second rocket onto the same group, placing the explosion a bit closer towards him so it doesn't hit the large one.

    Sidenote: Doubled Gold again from Gamblers. Man, Zan is rich.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ (Man, I've completely lost track of your gold count from the Shop. I think you'd be at around 3900 gold? :p )

    Zan then shoots another Rocket. The Sandbold who ate Rocket Explosions before is going to out and out try to eat the Rocket.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ The Sandbold fails, and 2 Sandbolds take 32 Damage and are forced to Death Roll again.

  • (Are you kidding me right now? :p )

    One Sandbold dies, but the other Sandbold is able to eat the Explosions from the Rocket again, and lives again. This Sandbold realizes he's a master of eating Explosions, and not Rockets. (Seriously, twice with this guy. :p )
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