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Thank You Rob

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Not just for DVZ, but for all the content you provide all year. You've put up a lot from your various communities. You give a lot back to us who care about your work. Rest easy after such a long stream tonight.

Edit: It has been a long year for me. Having the fun content throughout this year has helped a lot. I always had something comforting to come back to when the days grew dark. Always something to look forward to and enjoy throughout the year. It's had a positive impact. I hope so for all us fans.


  • Seconded. I only made it out for the last last last game, but it was super fun and definitely made my weekend. Something I always think but never bother to say (ironically :P) is that people who like your content are less likely to say anything than those who don't. We love your content. You're by far my favorite creator, and I've been loving watching you do what's fun for you. Thank you.
  • Thirded. I have been watching you since I was a kid, and since then you keep on amazing your fanbase with great content and hard work. I can't wait for the standalone DvZ game in 2076!!! I will show it to my grandkids.
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    Fourth-ed(?). Been watching your stuff for years, and no matter what content you make I'll probably watch it. You and all the members of the Urealms, DVZ and LOM teams have done a great job. I am happy to give you my Bezos Bucks (Prime sub) every month as I think you deserve it, and I wish I could give you more. The LP's, streams with small streamers, and short talks before the "meat of the stream" and Sneaky Mouse are an awesome bonus too, and it shows objectively to me that you care about people even if some past viewers might think otherwise. Your content has helped me feel better during some crappy times in my life. Cannot wait to see the shenanigans on Christmas and next year.  
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