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A fariwell speech for DvZ

Time and time again.
These walls have been built then destroyed.
Resources used than wasted.
Dwarves fought then killed.
                This timeless curse from Thor has killed more then any war or plague has ever before. And the death toll will keep rising. Each passing moment, each brick placed, each wall glued. They all seem for nothing. I have seen my friends die countless times, giving their lives to save those weaker than them. I have slain so many demons that the thrill of battle seems more of a chore. I have fought shoulder to shoulder with paladins and wizards alike yet we still only know defeat. I have crushed that damned Skeleton King's skull more times then I can count, but he gets back up. And when every last one of us falls. It starts again.
                These waves of ogres, and wolves, and fish. What are they for. Is there a hope that one day the dwarves may fight harder than ever before and that we may slay this endless tide so the world may be safe from its wrath. Or, is this punishment. For losing the light? For imprisoning a god? For what happened to my wife? God. Virendra, my dear. How I wish you were at least here fighting beside me. Perhaps then, this never-ending cycle of death would at least be worth it.
                 The dwarves, my friends, every countless Jimmie who has lost their soul, fighting, again and again, and again. For those who wish for their final rest to just come already. I beseech you, FIGHT! Blue those walls! Hold the line! Don't you dare wall off! and keep those damned rats away from my lights! And when we die one by one, let us rise again!  Let us make this their curse! No matter how many times they kill us, no matter how many times they take our shrines. We will rise again and we will fight! This mountain will fall, when I say it will fall. And no Hero Slayer or Magi is going to tell me otherwise!
                  So archers to the wall, get that gold in the shrine. Paladins to my side, and say it with my boys one last time...

Hi, thank you for reading! I am gonna miss DvZ but all things must end sooner or later! This has been an amazing fanbase to be a part of and I hope Rob keeps making great content for years to come! (also please let me know of any spelling or grammar errors I may have missed)[Also recommended to read in Old Man Willakers' voice]


  • Excellent Work! Also I have noticed that DvZ is also on Rob's Rawb.TV as a voting option. So to me right now, DvZ Is not dead. DvZ is just going back to its original stream version and the 24/7 version dies. However this is fine with me though! One day we can go back and watch or play with Old man Willakers and fight the demon hoards once again. Also maybe one day a stand alone game will be made, maybe by Rob, or by the many devoted fans that have put thousands of hours into playing, learning, and role-playing it. Me personally, I have played since Bruce's Gym and have played ever since. I have a majority of the mechanics of 3-4 versions of the game either in my head or shoved on a notepad in a folder. To me Dwarves vs Zombies will never die as the war will never end.....
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    Remember Boys. We Fear Not Death. We Fear Not Time.. For When The Gold Runs Low and The Ale Runs Dry. Know That Death Did Not Choose Me. I Chose This Night.
  • I am just really hoping that for the live stream they bring back the Mt. Willakers map.
  • @CaptainDeston Close, its "Know that Death did not choose me, I chose this night." 

    I watched that way too many times : P
  • Just went back and rewatched death fears me and choose the night. So many years later they look so silly, but I would be lying if I said they don't give me chills anyway. Makes the song of dragons so much better with the final line "I choose this path, and I choose this right. The only choice left is to choose the night." That final sentence feels like the culmination of all of robs work over the years. 
  • @MasterDJV It has been a bit too long for me. But tonight I am ready for a last send off. At least in terms of streams.
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