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Found this on r/greentext

Lmao, I have a lot of fond DvZ memories but it sure has touched a lot of people. Wonder what it's like for @Rob ;to see stories like this.


  • >be me in 2012
    >playing dwarves vs zombies in minecraft
    >see some loner building his personal fort and doing jack shit for the team
    >not on my watch
    >go there and try to fuck with him
    >he instead gives me his armor and calls me "m'lady"
    >keeps giving me free stuff
    >protects me from all harm
    >we somehow win
    >in his victorious fervor he crouches down (in game) and asks me out on a date
    >the rest of the server suddenly show up
    >they open the door
    >we get on the floor
    >everybody walks the dinosaur

  • DvZ was actually how i got into this community. Back then DvZ wasn't automated so rob had a website where you would need to answer a question to get a chance to get into the round (or you would need to type 'cat' and the correct answer was 'dog'). I often stayed up till 6 AM (I live in germany) to defend the shrine or until every last dwarf was slain. I always had a great time and I have a lot of good childhood memories because of it (one of which was sniping Deadbones from a tree as a skeleton :) ).
  • Shoutout to masterDJV. Doing gods work or something like that
  • @ThePhatSass Yeah! Shoutout to that guy!
  • Is there a way to get whitelisted on the server? I know people who have not been active for a long while get removed from the whitelist.
  • @ThePhatSass Go to this discord and have them type there MC username in #whitelist-me
    That discord has lots of the admins for DvZ so they can add your friends to the Whitelist
  • Thanks my dude
  • Stream started
  • but... how did they win?
  • I assume they played on a bootleg version of DvZ? I am not quite sure how exactly they differ from the original.
    tbh I only played on the ones hosted by Rob. @Ozoner
  • @Ozoner

    Well clearly they were talking about the last last last game and had just predicted the future. 
  • @Ozoner Clearly, this was an older game where Rawb was there and decided to derail the game. I swear there's at least one game where the Dwarves won on YouTube. Maybe the Dwarf Civil War one? I think there was one where the Zombies couldn't actually kill people, and, like, Bruce led the Dwarves to freedom. Or something. The games Rawb did for videos (especially earlier on) feature lots of (entertaining) shenanigans 
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