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Unexpected Booty | Mod Version 1 Is Now Up

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Unexpected Booty

Hello again everyone! This is the second campaign in my Stealing Creation story arc. While this adventure plays a role in a larger story, it can still be played as its own standalone adventure and still be enjoyable. 

Campaign Information
Encounters: 5
Difficulty: Easy | Medium | Hard
The Map: First | Second | Third
TTS Mod: Version 1

Campaign Overview
This is a linear campaign which has our group fleeing from a rampaging dwarven clan. Along the way they discover a stowaway who holds an extremely valuable artifact which they must smuggle past a group of elves. This adventure has an even mix of combat and combat and role play.

Character Creation Setup
The players will be able to choose to play the following classes for this adventure and may choose to start with custom card as their cornerstone. (These cards are located to the right of the Urealms rules in my mod.)
Everything else is able to be drawn from the random decks as normal. If after creation your players have a really low damage output, consider reducing the stamina totals of the enemies to compensate.

*GM Notes: The classes provided are just a suggestion, the theme for this campaign encourages more shady type characters and not outright evil, but you can include the paladin/deathknight type classes if you don't care about it as much.

"The four of you are smugglers who specialize in transporting illegal substances across the border from the wastelands into elven territory. Your adventure begins as you return to your favorite hideout after having recently 'liberated' 8 barrels of E.X.X.X.P. ale from your competition."

Encounter 1
The first encounter begins as the party rides into town with their donkeys fully loaded with E.X.X.X.P. ale. This place is the favored hideout of this group of smugglers and each of them are quite famous here for being able to transport nearly anything across the border. Joining them is a GM controlled NPC named Voris Hubrick who is a good friend to the party and will act as a guiding hand as well as a second life for any players who's character died. As they enter town they will be greeted by several NPCs who will ask the group to smuggle various things through elven territory.

Voris Hubrik
This dvergr booty raider is a long time friend of the party who has many ties within the surrounding elven kingdoms. Voris is an expert sailor and is very knowledgeable of the ever shifting black markets making him a great asset to a group of smugglers. When playing Voris be sure to let the party have the spotlight the majority of the time and to use him to help guild the players along the adventure.

Stamina: 70
Anytimes: 3
Deathroll: 1
Basic Attack: 10 Golden Cutlass/Flintlock

This encounter can be good practice for a GM to improvise characters on the fly but if you would like a starting point I have listed a few characters below. Once 3-5 characters have pestered the party to help them they will notice it is getting late and will be urged by Voris to head to the tavern to have a drink and get some sleep.

*GM notes: If the party has an abundance of inventory space or have several less than useful abilities you can consider having the kegs of E.X.X.X.P. ale and the items that the NPC's want the party to smuggle to take up inventory space. I personally did this in both instances of the game when I GM'd it and I found it worked well. Be sure to have Voris tell them that they can store their goods in the storeroom overnight so that they have to go get them when the town is being razed!

Lady Scrans the kobold baker wants the party to smuggle her infant child across the border to her adopted elf dad. She is willing to pay the party up front giving each player a random treasure card.

Kirgal Visage the dvergr smith wants the party to smuggle a sword forged in blood to his nephew across the border. He is willing to pay the party up front giving each player a large sum of gold.

Crag the black boar bouncer wants the party to smuggle a high bear-tooth necklace to his best friend chazzer across the border. He is willing to pay the party up front giving each player various arts and crafts jewelry.

Erith the porc alchemist wants the party to smuggle a vial of experimental EXP to his partner Veridon across the border. He is willing to pay the party half up front, giving each player a vial of expelixxir.

Jorge Pinwater the gnome stay at home dad wants the party to smuggle a pile of vhark poop to his ex wife across the border. He has nothing to offer the party but will attempt to guilt them into doing it.

Lardo Magnifico the dwarf magician wants the party to smuggle his collection of exotic hat rats to his shop across the border. He is willing to pay the party up front giving each player a random spell scroll.

Encounter 2
The party will be woken up by the sounds of terror from within the town as it is razed by the Crimson Passage clan of dwarves. As they emerge from the tavern they will see a staggering number of dwarves who are attacking the populace and attempting to set aflame several buildings. Voris will urge the party to leave but remind them that the E.X.X.X.P. barrels are in the store room. From here it's up to the party if they want to save a few of the barrels or head to the boat, either way they will have to fight through a swarm of dwarves.

This battle is an unwinnable one for the party as more and more dwarves appear each round. The party can begin fighting toward their ship, head to the storehouse to save some of their cargo or attempt to rescue a few of the citizens but in any case time will be the enemy of the party. Combat will start as soon as the party exits the tavern with a few dwarves scattered around the town and a horrifying number to the far south of town to intimidate the party. GMing this part will be tricky as it differs by how strong your players are in combat. Once the players have made it to the boat any nearby dwarves will attempt to jump on as they leave. 

*GM notes: For this encounter I scattered various dwarves throughout the town which engaged in combat with the various NPCs while spawning a staggering number of them at the bottom of the board. Each turn the massive army would advance toward the town and begin razing the buildings, allowing the party to fight a smaller force who are actually within the town. 

Crimson Passage
This group of dwarves are pursuing a small gnome who has an artifact of theirs in his possession. The artifact has the to potential to be extraordinarily powerful especially in the hands of a fleshweaver, so they are sending every able body to retrieve this precious gem.

Dwarven Cabalist
The dwarven cabalists are goto ranged units for the Crimson Passage clan. They can put out decent damage from long range to keep themselves safe as they have low stamina.

Stamina: 50
Anytimes: 3 (These anytimes are pooled among all units of the same name for this encounter)
Deathroll: N/A (When reduced to 0 stamina this dwarf will die)
Basic Attack: 5 Bone Skull staff
grandravensclaw (Goto action if you can hit more than 1 target)
shadowice (General goto action)

Dwarven Fleshweaver
These dwarven fleshweavers are the main force of the Crimson Passage clan. They are very reckless warriors who will gladly sacrifice themselves for their clan.

Stamina: 75
Anytimes: 3 (These anytimes are pooled among all units of the same name for this encounter)
Deathroll: N/A (When reduced to 0 stamina this dwarf will die)
Basic Attack: 5 Cleaver
bloodbend (General Goto action)
drainblood (Only try to use when very low on hp)
bloodwave (Use when surrounded by at least 2 enemies)

Crimson Golem
The crimson golem is the most common creation of the Crimson Passage fleshweavers. They are tanky units and can deal a decent amount of damage to targets.

Stamina: 150
Anytimes: (These anytimes are pooled among all units of the same name for this encounter)
Deathroll: N/A (When reduced to 0 stamina this golem will die)
Basic Attack: 15 Flesh Fists
fleshbomb (Goto action if you can hit more than 1 target)
ravage (General goto action)

*GM notes: In both of my games the parties had massive board clearing abilities like tsunami and highnoon | mindfist. Its important that you allow these abilities to go off, this will allow the players to feel very powerful for a few moments before even more foes begin swarming into the battlefield, though you may want to limit just how many targets an ability can hit. For example when Tsunami was cast I only hit enemies that were not behind any buildings relative to the river, this way they deal massive damage to the vast number of invading dwarves but the threat within the town is still strong. 

Encounter 3

Once the ship sails the party will have a few moments to recover before Voris stumbles across Hansel Vonfrugl who was hiding in one of their storage crates. Hansel will plead for the party to help him escape the dwarves that have been pursing him for the past week. He's not sure why they're trying to catch him but they started just after he was given a small black gemstone. If Voris sees this gem he will recognize it as custom card and immediately call the party to huddle up and discuss what they should do.

Voris will tell the party that the gemstone is worth a fortune as well as telling them of what it is capable of. He will agree with the party if they want to take the gem from the gnome but will object to killing him, recommending that they just throw him in the river. If the party approaches Hansel threateningly he will attempt to swallow the gem before they can take it, then demand that they take him into elf territory. Hansel is pretty clumsy so if the party tries to stop him from eating the gem it will be fairly easy to do. If the party decides to help Hansel he will gladly tell the party where he got the gem and that he was told to bring it to a group of elves who are waiting for him up ahead.

Hansel Vonfrugl
Hansel is a very small ageless gnome who wears a dirty brown suit and sports a heavy German accent. He is a very weak man and will try to avoid engaging in battle himself if at all possible, and if he is forced to fight he will perform very poorly. Hansel makes up for his lack of strength by being incredibly intelligent, he is a respected historian and knows a a lot about ancient civilizations, cultures, and languages.  Hansel is a very unlucky man and often gets himself and others into precarious situations. Most recently a strange elf woman wearing a black robe gave him a small gemstone telling him to take it to the elves of O'vos. This gemstone was stolen from the Crimson Passage dwarven clan who will do anything to get it back and have discovered that poor Hansel is in possession of their precious item. Hansel is now close to elven territory and has stowed away on a ship hoping that they are going to cross the river.

Stamina: 35
Anytimes: 3
Deathroll: 1
Basic Attack: 5 Broken Sword 
rayoffrost (General goto action if Hansel must fight)

*GM notes: In both of my games the party threw Hansel overboard. If you want this poor gnome to stand a chance at living consider having Voris or any other NPCs on board object to killing/throwing Hansel overboard but remember that if the party really wants to murder that little guy and throw him overboard that he is ageless and will feign death as long as they don'r crush his skull.

Encounter 4
This encounter will begin just as the party finishes dealing with Hansel. The players will have a round to prepare for battle as they see in the distance 3 fleshy harpies quickly approaching them each with a dwarf riding them and another dwarf in their talons. After their preparation round the harpies will fly over the ship, dropping off 6 dvergr who will briefly engage the party in conversation before attacking. The dvergr only want the gemstone and will retreat if they get possession of it. During combat Voris will hold position at the wheel so that the ship doesn't veer off course. If Voris is unable to stay at the wheel someone else will have to maintain the ships movement or everyone on board will suffer damage.

*GM notes: The following Dvergr units will immediately restore their stamina when reduced to 0. This heal will proc through poison and other similar debuffs but will not proc if they have survived a failed deathroll thanks to their Dvergr-ness.
This encounter was pretty easy for both of my groups, if your own party is pretty strong I recommend throwing another group or two of these guys at them.

3x Dvergr Fleshweaver
This encounter has three dvergr fleshweavers who are high ranking members of the Crimson Passage clan. These Dvergr can be very tanky as they heal massive amounts of stamina thanks to their pool drifter passive. 

Stamina: 150
Anytimes: 3 (These anytimes are pooled between other units of the same name.)
Deathroll: 5 (Survives the first failed deathroll forced by a player.)
Basic Attack: 15 Great Cleaver
bloodblast (General goto action)
bloodwave (Goto action if you can hit more than 1 target)

3x Dvergr Deathknight
This encounter has three dvergr deathknights who are the high tier enforcers of the Crimson Passage clan. These dvergr can dish out a good amount of damage while healing themselves. 

Stamina: 170
Anytimes: 3 (These anytimes are pooled between other units of the same name.)
Deathroll: 5 (Survives the first failed deathroll forced by a player.)
Basic Attack: 25 Axe of Malice 
deathstrike (General goto action)
frostgrip (Use to interupt big player attacks)
These deathknights are immune to knockback effects. This immunity transfers to their harpy mounts.

3x Crimson Harpy 
These harpies are golems made by the dvergr fleshweavers. They are highly mobile creatures who can carry several times their own body weight over long distances.

Stamina: 100
Anytimes: 5 (These anytimes are pooled between other units of the same name.)
Deathroll: N/A (When reduced to 0 stamina this golem will fall unconsious)
Basic Attack: 15 Flesh Talons
blinkex (Use to close the distance or to attempt to dodge big attacks)
warpedmagic (General goto action using dark magic)

*GM notes: Make sure you fully utilize the harpies blinkex as an anytime to avoid big damage when they are approaching the ship! Once a dwarf falls into the water they are pretty much out of the fight as long as the players boat continues traveling forward.

Encounter 5
Eventually any remaining Crimson Passage will flee as the ship nears its destination. Waiting at the docks a sizable group of elves who are waiting for Hansel. Just before the party docks their ship Voris will once again huddle up with the group so that they can come up with a plan to get by the elves. Voris will strongly protest against killing any elves, warning that if any die then they would be in for a bad time as they send even more elves to hunt the party down.

If Hansel is still with the party he will agree to get the elves off their back even if they have taken the gem from him as he cares more about his life than some random gemstone. If this happens then the following encounter will be made pretty easy as the elves wont try to search the parties ship. If the party doesn't have hansel then the group of elves led by Captain Zer'vos will ask the party several questions and may search their ship for any contraband. If they find the party very suspicious or find any illegal items they will attempt to arrest them. 

Captain Zer'vos
Zer'vos is captain of a small contingent of troops assigned to safely escorting Mr.Vonfrugl to their capital city of O'vos. He is a kind old cowpoke elf who wears his standard issue plate armor under thick blue robes and wears an old fasion cowboy hat. The captain is dedicated to upholding the law and will not tolerate any illegal activities. In combat Zer'vos will declare the law of the body first and try to get in close to punish the party with his parrying dagger. 

Stamina: 250
Anytimes: 5
Deathroll: 1 (Will fight until reduced to low stamina after being forced to deathroll)
Basic Attack: 10 Lawsoo
sandbagger (General goto action)

2x Elven Paladins
Stamina: 150
Anytimes: 1
Deathroll: 1 (Will surrender when Zer'vos surrenders, falls unconscious when reduced to 0 stamina.)
Basic Attack: 10 Warhammer (General goto action)
honorchains (Use to interrupt big player attacks)
blessingofstrength (Opener ability)

3x Elven Ranger
Stamina: 120
Anytimes: 1
Deathroll: 1 (Will surrender when Zer'vos surrenders, falls unconscious when reduced to 0 stamina.)
Basic Attack: 10 Longbow
quickshot (General goto action)
rapidfire (Only one ranger should use this per round)

*GM notes: I didn't have much opportunity to fully test the balance of this encounter if it ends up in full on combat. In one group they rolled a natural 20 on a conversion on Zer'Vos pretty much nullifying the encounter and in the second group they managed to successfully combo siggneeos and magicburst without any spells blowing up in their face over the course of 13 random spells!

The campaign ends with the party potentially making a decent amount of gold as they deliver any smuggled goods that they got earlier as well as a large sum of gold for each barrel of E.X.X.X.P. ale that they managed to bring into town. If Hansel survives he will meet up with the elves and will begin their own journey, letting the party flee as they have more important things to deal with than a few smugglers. 

*GM notes: Both campaigns had the player who held custom card going full on Golum, holding the gemstone for themselves and only themselves! This was perfectly fine and could lead to a fun follow up campaign with new or old characters hunting down this person who has become a powerful dark mage thanks to the gems power!

This campaign falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!
Art style of the maps were inspired by the standard Urealms style of Meganzoor.


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