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New Hatezen Class! (Dragon Ball Inspired)

Hello! Due to circumstance, I was inspired to make a class inspired by DB. I decided to make it "Hatezen" in lore because cards like hatezenfury and hatezenpride seem to almost seem based off the Saiyan ability to get stronger at the brink of death! Following that idea and theme we have the Hatezen:

Main class, I used Vitali for the Art because his "strong magic" ideology matched with the class! Plus he's foreign from Abracadab and the scars on his face look battle-worn.

What really brings it all together. Instead of hitting strong once or twice you will unleash a flurry of blows.

If you can stand still you can fight even faster!

Saiyans get stronger each time they get back from the brink of death

The most "out there" card, but surges of energy can happen

Looking at Goku, he tends to need to warm up and test his opponents a bit before going full power and getting serious, this is that to an extreme

The double damage of the Class. Plus in DB fighters tend not to miss, more like constant parries or blocks. This gives more damage and consistency with the Hatezen/Ki as with DB

A simple dodge that can disorient foes

Sensu Beans are rare but powerful, use them sparingly! 

Destructo Disk


Spirit Bomb. With a good party and a lot of teamwork, this could get very scary fun very fast!

Super Saiyan. Rather than a buff that lasts through combat, I went with this. Once you decide to get serious after a Death Roll (typically caused by going in danger) you can quickly go Super Saiyan, catch your opponent off guard, and get going into round 2 with your twice as powerful flurry and colorful hair!

Whatcha think? I think I managed to get a fun thematic DB class without going too powerful or crazy. Mighty Hatezen is probably to most potentially busted but you can't cast it randomly and you have to risk going in danger before you can use it, and you could still fail so I thought at 200 it was fine. Plus it enables phase 2 with minimal risk after 1 DR.

TTS Mod Link if you're interested:

"This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!"
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