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Game Jams (Current Jam: 2019 Summer #ue4jam )

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A game jam is a team ,or in my case solo. development in a game within 48-72 hours depending on the jam, and has a specific theme you must follow. . . .and that's really it . . .

So I'm in a middle of a game jam and decided to post my progress here. It started around 2 hours ago. 

If anyone else want's to try there hands in it here's the link.

I also finished the first idle, and an small idea's page

(I will post my progress at 6am est) 


  • I've gotten movement done and created an object that the character can destroy

    and the video in the game is here but my computer is laggy so it won't look the best. 
  • sprites look pretty good dude! walk cycles are often the hardest part honestly.
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    Sooooooo. . . I haven't really been on here for a while, and I just did a game jam. (Also I finished working at my job so I can actually be active again. . . I needed the money for college.)

    SOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooo, on to the game jam.

    It's a monster high school visual novel. Done in about 5 days. (The time allowed for the gamejam)

    I will warn you I left the dialogue for last and so it's not the best. . .  

    And here are the character's neutral poses. . . .

    So yeah I should probably be able to post on here again since I don't have school for a few more weeks so I'm going to post so the crippling fear of college debt doesn't take over.
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